Top 10 stars who clashed and then reconciled

There are plenty of stars who hate each other, it’s sad but that’s life. It happens that celebrities who were friends no longer speak to each other for years or clash publicly, but this also sometimes gives rise to beautiful reconciliations of stars (and that, we love).

1. Taylor Swift et Katy Perry

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were good friends until 2014, when everything changed. While the two singers were on tour, dancers left in the middle of the tour Red from Taylor to join the tour Prismatic from Katy. Shortly after, Taylor Swift released the song Bad Blood where she talks about this incident and Katy Perry responds in the same tone with Swish Swish. In 2018, Katy Perry decides to apologize by sending Taylor Swift an olive branch, a symbol of peace; it worked since Taylor responded by sending her homemade cookies. The two pop stars have become friends again and Katy Perry even appears in one of Taylor Swift’s clips where they are disguised as a burger and a cone of fries.

2. Elie Semoun and Dieudonne

Some celebrities stop being friends for trifles, but that was clearly not the case for Elie Semoun and Dieudonné. After a very promising start to their career, the comic duo broke up in 1997 and the controversies followed in the years that followed. In 2008, Elie Semoun declared “It’s over, over. It’s terrible, Dieudonné is elsewhere, in the world of hatred. after learning that the latter had chosen Jean-Marie Le Pen as godfather for his daughter and that he had a Holocaust denier come on stage. Years later, Elie Semoun nevertheless declared in an interview that he still had affection for Dieudonné, despite having become a real anti-Semitic militant. The actor clarified: “I am critical of the racism he carries around and all his atrocious ideas but he is my friend, I’m sorry”.

3. Vin Diesel et Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The clash between Vin Diesel and The Rock began during the filming of Fast and Furious 8 when The Rock said on Instagram that some actors in the film behaved very badly and that if he appeared angry in the film, it was not acting. When the movie came out, The Rock made another post where he thanked everyone except Vin Diesel (not cool). Some time later, the two actors seem to have reconciled: Vin Diesel told reporters from USA Today that he was very close to Dwayne Johnson and that his children called him “uncle Dwayne”.

4. Britney Spears et Christina Aguilera

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera met very young at the Mickey Mouse Club, Disney‘s young talent show. To make people talk about them, the two teenagers are put in competition by the production and rumors are spread by the press, which quickly leads to a rivalry. In 2008, Christina admits that this rivalry is ridiculous and decides to put an end to it. Ten years later, the two stars are apparently on good terms as Christina posted a photo with Britney on Instagram in 2018.

5. Arthur and Cyril Hanouna

Arthur and Cyril Hanouna were great friends until the day they stopped talking to each other completely. In 2016, Hanouna explained on the set of his show the reason for this dispute: Arthur was developing with TF1 a show created to compete Do not touch My TV ! and recover his audience. Today, the two presenters have reconciled and Hanouna assured that he no longer blames Arthur.

6. Louis Tomlinson et Zayn Malik

When Zayn Malik left One Direction, Louis Tomlinson took it a bit badly. Zayn became friends with musician Naughty Boy and when the two artists posted a photo of themselves on Instagram, Louis made a tweet to make fun of them. After a completely ridiculous clash on Twitter, Zayn and Louis stopped talking to each other but according to Louis Tomlinson, they are no longer angry. We would like to have the opinion of Zayn Malik on the question.

7. Fabrice Luchini and Emmanuel Macron

Fabrice Luchini has been a great friend of Emmanuel Macron for many years, but an event has slightly upset him. In 2017, Luchini was not invited to the president’s inauguration dinner and took it very seriously. Despite this misunderstanding, the two men started dating again.

8. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez met on the children’s show Barney and quickly became friends. Over time, Selena Gomez became a great friend of Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato was not so happy to see her friend move away from her. She unfollow Selena on Instagram and explained that they just grew and changed. However, a few years later, Selena Gomez left a nice comment about the documentary on Demi Lovato and the latter replied: “Thank you so much, this means the world to me and more. Love you too”.

9. Nekfeu and Gizmo

More than 10 years ago, rappers Nekfeu and Guizmo were great friends. They were both part of the group L’Entourage and when Guizmo left the group in 2012, the other members didn’t take it very well. In 2019, the rivalry between the two artists resumed when Nekfeu and Guizmo released an album on the same day. Guizmo, who is much less known and appreciated than Nekfeu, took this affront very badly (which was surely a coincidence) and let off steam on all the former members of L’Entourage on Instagram but also in a song. Eventually Guizmo decided to call it quits apologizing live on Skyrock shortly after.

10. Elizabeth Taylor et Debbie Reynolds

Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds were Hollywood legends (well, especially Elizabeth Taylor) in the 1950s. The two actresses were best friends until Debbie Reynolds’ husband Eddie Fisher left her to marry with Elizabeth Taylor. Years later, long after Elisabeth and Eddie divorced, the two stars began to reconcile when they happened to be passengers on the same cruise. Debbie Reynolds’ daughter, actress Carrie Fisher, even wrote a movie called Funny reunions in which the two actresses play together.

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