Top 10 stars who can’t do very simple things

In showbiz, which I know very well, there are stars who have big whims and stars who pay people to do improbable things. But some don’t have much choice, because they don’t know how to do certain everyday things on their own. And when I say everyday, I’m not talking about filling out the tax form, because there, I could have understood that it was complicated. No, no, I’m talking about real basic stuff that everyone learns to do in their mother’s womb. It’s a bit ridiculous, we’re not going to lie.

1. Kendall Jenner can’t cut a cucumber

In a legendary video straight out of the May 12, 2022 episode of reality TV The Kardashians, we were able to witness a great moment in history. In fact, we see Kendall Jenner trying to make a small cucumber-based snack. The problem is that poor Kendall is extremely poor at this activity and she struggles so much that her mother offers to call on the chef to help her. Kendall having never cut this vegetable in her life, it is not so surprising that she is a real merguez.

2. Cher can’t order pizza

In a 2011 skit, Cher’s girlfriend, Kathy Griffin, recounts the time they wanted to order pizza at a chill party at the singer’s house. She then said « I’m Cher, I don’t know how to order a fucking pizza » (read: “I’m Cher, I don’t know how to order a fucking pizza”). Yes, she was indeed used to other people ordering them for her. Kathy Griffin has finally confessed that she too hasn’t ordered pizza in a very long time. However, it’s not that complicated: “two margaritas, on a white base, without basil and with an anchovy supplement. »

3. Arielle Dombasle does not know how to shop

Impossible that you missed this CAPITAL info. During the first confinement of 2020 (forced to specify as there were many), the actress discovered the joys of household chores, but above all the joy of doing her own shopping. Arielle Dombasle indeed went to Carrefour (which she called “Market”… Awkward…) to buy juice. And she met there, I quote, “super nice people”. No, but no messing around!

4. Kylie Jenner can’t do her laundry

The Jenner sisters would be hated by Valérie Pécresse if they lived in France because they are big helpers. In another episode of the Kardashians, the youngest, Kylie Jenner confessed to not knowing how to do her laundry. Already, shockingly, it’s not as if you needed a baccalaureate + 12 in chores to do that. But she also admitted to not knowing how to iron. Good Kylie, will have to make efforts after a while, what do you know how to do??

5. Prince Charles doesn’t know how to put toothpaste on his toothbrush

Careful, hang on to where you’re sitting: Prince Charles has someone on staff to put toothpaste on his toothbrush. Yes yes. In all his life, the son of Queen Elizabeth has never approached a tube of anti-caries Signal. It was his butler Burrell who, in a book published in 2002, revealed the little quirks of Prince Charles. Do not ask him to help you finish a tube, he will clearly not be useful to you.

6. Ophrah Winfrey doesn’t know how to make gasoline

In 2018, to promote the film A shortcut in time, in which she starred, Oprah Winfrey confessed on the set of E! in front of Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling, a very, very heavy secret to bear. She has indeed confided that she has never filled up with gas in her life and does not know how to do it. Looks like me during my first driving lessons with the driving school.

7. Sophia Umansky can’t clean a toilet

Kyle Richards’ daughter made headlines after an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired. In this passage where we saw her mother taking her to university, little Sophia asks why she should clean the toilets since they are self-cleaning thanks to the flush. Come on, who explains to him?

8. Kathy Hilton can’t sweep

Another great achievement straight from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This one, we owe it to the mother of Paris Hilton, I named Kathy Hilton. In this episode where Kyle, Kathy’s sister, drops glass jars with spices on the floor, Kathy offers to help clean up. She then takes what she believes to be a broom, but which is in fact a brush for the barbecue grills. Nice try, but it’s lost my Kathy (to be read with the voice of Jeff Tuche).

9. Amal Clooney can’t boil eggs.

The Clooneys may be one of the most beautiful couples of stars, it is not necessarily the penguins who slip the farthest. The proof when Amal wanted to cook hard-boiled eggs (anecdote told by George himself): she took a saucepan and put the eggs in it to heat without adding water. Of course, that clearly didn’t work. Next time might be the right one, who knows?

10. Mariah Carey can’t hold her drinks

You have been told about 35,429 times this anecdote, but it still shocks us each time. Mariah Carey has someone employed to hold her drinks. HOLD HER DRINKS. The singer has therefore never had a drink in her life (as an adult anyway). In short, never invite her to a techno party, she risks spoiling the atmosphere a little.

Afterwards, if someone can teach me how to use a spanner of 12 to unscrew cylinder head gaskets in chromed steel, I would like to, I don’t know how to do it and I’m a little ashamed to watch youtube tutorials.

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