Top 10 Sports Fans Who Take It Too Far, Calm Down Or I’ll Call The Referee

It would be lacking in originality to say that sport has been unleashing passions for a long time now, but I say it anyway since I am someone who is sorely lacking in originality and iron (my medical analyzes are final ). Anyway, in some people sport overrides reason and pushes them to do things that sometimes go a little too (or too much) far, whether they are totally innocent things or much more serious things. And I suggest you see some examples since it’s completely the subject of the top in case you haven’t read the title, which would be stupid on your part.

1. The fan who bought his favorite football club after winning the Euromillions

This is the rather beautiful story of a Scottish fan of a second division team who won the Euromillions jackpot (188 million in all) and who decided to buy his favorite club for almost 10 million euros and offer it directly to the fans, so basically they own the brothel with his friends. Well, he does what he wants with his money in real life, who are we to judge him?

2. The fan who tattooed his team jersey

And why not finally? I mean there are many people who get tattoos of flowers or sparrows, so why not tattoo their favorite team jersey directly? Fewer costs to buy one each season, less laundry, a style that leaves others speechless… In short, I completely approve of his winded and irrational idea that he will probably regret in a few years.

3. The Japanese fan who really wanted to see an Argentina team play

The 2018 Copa Libertadores final was about Argentina’s two most iconic rival teams: Boca Junior and River. And there was a Japanese supporter who had only one dream: to see this legendary match. He therefore took tickets and a plane to go to Argentina except that the match was postponed for a week at the last moment due to the rains that fell on Buenos Aires. So he bought plane tickets for the following Sunday. But the following Sunday, the match was again postponed following incidents between River supporters and the Boca team. Eventually it was decided that this game would take place in Madrid, which clearly didn’t stop the fan from paying for plane tickets a third time.

4. The rather creepy fan pretending to be his favorite player

Lee Chapman is a bit too (much too) a fan of Leicester City player Jamie Vardy, so much so that he’s started dressing like him and becoming something of an unofficial look-alike. He took a picture with the player and everyone was happy until the footballer’s wife warned the fan with his lawyer that he was getting a little too pushy and creepy, even going so far as to calling him a “stalker”, which is clearly not reassuring. You have to calm down in fact, you can put on the shirt of your favorite player but that doesn’t make you that player, just a guy with a relatively clean football shirt.

5. The Charlton Club Hardcore Fan

England supporter Seb Lewis has been recognized as the most loyal fan of Charlton Atlhetic FC (an English third division club) as he has not missed a single game since 1998. He has indeed traveled to each of the matches of the club, even those who were not in London (more than 1000 matches) and was even able to go down on the lawn to meet the players during a meeting. He died in 2020 from the Covid and we hope he will have a platform in his name one day, it would only be fair.

6. The fans who paid for a publicity plane to get their message across

Must say that in our society when we have something to say we say it, through various more or less original means. Fed up with the manager of their favorite club, a band of supporters did just that: they rented a publicity plane to fly over the pitch during a match, pulling a banner asking fire the famous trainer. That’s a lot of wasted money, no pun intended.

7. The Saint-Etienne supporters who ruined a marriage

It all starts with the mischief of Lyonnais supporters who allegedly stole a tarpaulin in the colors of the Saint-Etienne club, two historically rival cities in football. To get revenge, Saint-Etienne supporters decided to literally ruin the marriage of a fan of the Lyon team. They showed up at the reception while the guests were at church and smashed everything: the food, the alcohol, the sound system, the decor… Everything was ruined. The only problem (besides the fact that it was completely illegal and abused) is that that day, two people with the same name were getting married in the area… You see the thing coming? They had the wrong marriage. It went as far as jail for some of the culprits.

8. The baseball fan who went to celebrate with the players on the field (paying him a lot of money)

It often happens that people burst onto a sports field to pass on a message, advertise or simply draw attention to themselves. But Dylan Cressy is a fan made of a different fabric, the one that dreams are made of: he just couldn’t resist running onto the pitch to celebrate with his favorite team in a game where he was in the gallery. Obviously what awaited him after his escapade was a night in the cell and a ban on stepping foot in a stadium again for a while, but it was worth it Dylan, you were flying like an eagle for those few seconds and you were more beautiful than you had ever been.

9. The Cubs fan who got a tattoo too soon

He was convinced that they were going to win the title again and he tattooed their past victories as well as their “future” victory by writing the first three digits of the year “201.” except that it did not happen. not go as he wanted. But there’s a lesson to be learned from all this, which I don’t know but there is, something like “don’t plan on the comet” or some bullshit like that.

10. The Maradona fan who named his kids Diego, Mara and Dona

His first two daughters are called Mara and Dona and his last born, a little boy, responds to the name of Diego. Imagine if he had three daughters? His plan would have fallen through and just thinking about it makes me sad. You just have to hope that the children like football, otherwise it’s a bit delirious, but they are beautiful names.

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