Top 10 signs that your other half is cheating on you with their cat, it’s already too late

Whether you’re in a relationship with someone who owns a cat, own a cat yourself while in a relationship, or are just starting to date someone who has a cat it’s likely (90% chance ) that this person doesn’t give a fuck about you and only needs his cat. In order not to get rolled in the flour, we suggest you see some signs that show that your partner is cheating on you with his cat and that it is time to leave this relationship because you have no place in it, everything the opposite of masters who are fed up with their cat.

1. Your partner sleeps with their cat (and not always you)

If the cat is still in the bedroom after dark to the point that you don’t always have a place to sleep in it and it’s no more a problem for your other half, you can assume that it’s bad sign for your life as a couple. Build yourself a cardboard bed and sleep at its feet.

2. When the cat attacks you, your partner yells at you

If the cat has decided that you were harmful to his good mood, for him it is automatically you at fault in the event of aggression from his person towards yours. So, if you get yelled at when you were just trying to go to the bathroom when the animal decided to attack your foot like a chainsaw attacks a tree trunk, it’s bad, your other half is in his camp.

3. Your partner is going on vacation with their cat

If you have to take the cat during the holidays, that can be understood, but if you have to take the cat and not necessarily you, then it’s more serious. Also worry if the cat has a better seat than you in the car, like the front seat when you only have a small basket to lay in the trunk.

4. Your partner yells at you when you try to move the cat from the couch to sit next to him

Just like in bed, if your place on the sofa or the kitchen chair is a priority for the cat, you can already abandon this relationship. Nothing good will come of this, that’s for sure. Sorry to be so harsh, but review your life choices, you are responsible for all of this.

5. Your partner calls their cat “love of my life” and you don’t.

Seriously, if the cat has more affectionate nicknames than you do, and they’re generally more sought after and loving than yours, it’s probably already too late. And do not try to lose the cat in the forest to regain its place in the heart of your other half, THEY ALWAYS COME BACK.

6. Your partner has a Netflix series that he only watches with his cat.

When the little couple rituals become private between your better half and this big cat baltringue, it’s over. If it’s a series, you can always lie down at the foot of the sofa and watch with them, your relationship will never evolve beyond that, but you sleep warm.

7. Over the total duration of your relationship, your partner spent more money on their cat than on you

Litter, food, elaborate games, cat trees, plants, constructions of all kinds, luxurious transport crate… These things are expensive, and if in return you only had leftover quiche and a good buying eight euros for pâté at Christmas then leave this couple or agree to live as a slave to this ball of fur.

8. Your partner married his cat at the town hall (there’s a signal)

Yeah, if that’s the case you’re still very stupid to come and check by reading this top, it was IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES FROM THE BEGINNING, this cat destroyed everything in your house. A wedding is literally the last step of this shameful staircase of the big feline replacement.

9. Your partner left you 8 years ago and the only news you have are his insta photos with his cat

There too you could feel the storm coming, but you were too blinded by your love and your pride, poor little apple that you are. Today your ex is sharing couple snaps with her cat and you didn’t see it coming. After eight years. Wouldn’t you be a bit stupid?

10. Your partner has set you up an outdoor doghouse, gives you kibble and walks you once a day

I will ask the question like this but are you a dog? Because if you’re a dog and you’ve managed to log all the way to this page and read the previous points, you’re basically redefining everything humans thought they knew about animals. And it is very serious.

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