Top 10 signs that we may win Roland Garros

After almost 40 years since our dear Yannick, we would like a small French victory at the most famous French tennis tournament in the world.

Between Nadal, Alcaraz, Djoko or even Tsitsipas (among men I hear), the French are not very serene. Especially since the French star Monfils is absent, in short nothing is going well. And yet here is a little top full of hope, full of good humor, which will give us a little confidence, because yes we are dreamers and we want to believe that a Frenchman can win.

1. We already didn’t believe in Parry and she put us in our place

Diane Parry found herself having to face defending champion Barbora Krejcikova, knowing that the Frenchwoman was ranked 97th in the world. We couldn’t believe it, but finally in 2 hours, she managed to overcome the Czech in three sets (1-6, 6-2, 6-3). First sign. I continue.

2. Corentin Moutet manages to dismiss Wawrinka

Second sign, like doooonc, stay well seated it’s only the beginning. Ok Wawrinka was much lower ranked (257th in the world, against 139 for Mousquet), nevertheless the Swiss is a tennis baron, so it’s always freaking out and it’s still a great victory that was not necessarily expected. Only problem is that now the French will have to face Nadal, but it does not matter we keep hope.

3. Let’s not forget that Nadal is fragile at the moment

Rejoicing in other people’s misfortune is wrong, that’s why we don’t want to congratulate ourselves on Nadal’s injury. Besides, it’s a little more than an injury since the Spaniard has been dragging it on for years. His left foot pain made him doubt his presence at Roland Garros, but eventually he will play, however he will not necessarily be 100%. It’s very sad for him, but still a good sign for us.

4. The French Jacquemot and Jeanjean also qualified for the second round for the first time in their lives

Elsa Jacquemot, 251st in the world, and Léolia Jeanjean, 227 in the world, both qualified for the first time in their careers in the second round of Roland Garros. As for Jacquemot, she managed to beat the English Heather Watson, 100 places above her in the world ranking (103rd). And Jeanjean (I’m not too used to this name either) beat the Spaniard Nuria Parrizas ranked 45th in the world.

You see, we told you, nothing is impossible.

5. And why not imagine a Frenchman already in the round of 16

Our dear HugoDécrypte asked the question to his community “will there be a French player in the 1/8 finals at Roland Garros”, and 77% of people answered “no”, these big weaklings (you can see the result in the last slide). Yes, you have to believe in your convictions in life, why not imagine a Frenchman in 1/8 after all?

Look at the other points, the French have still managed to amaze us since the start of the tournament by beating opponents who are supposed to be better or more experienced, so go all the way to 1/8 for at least one of them doesn’t seem totally impossible.

6. In honor of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Gilles Simon…

Let’s not forget that this will be the last Roland Garros for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or Gilles Simon, both 37 years old. These two behemoths of French tennis will be greatly missed. If we do a little recap, Tsonga went 3 times to the quarter-finals of the Australian Open, 2 times to the semi-finals of Roland Garros or twice to the semi-finals of Wimbledon. For Simon, the Grand Slam prize list is a little less prestigious since he has never passed the 1/8 finals, but you have to do it, it’s not nothing.

To pay tribute to these two men, the French men and women will have to make a small effort and win this edition, at least that. Serious.

7. …and why not even imagine a victory for Tsonga (yeah we’re dreamers)

Yeah, well, no.

8. A priori it will be sunny (and it’s cool, it should be noted)

The beaten earth when it is raining or windy is impassable. A priori it will be fine throughout the tournament period, neither too hot nor too cold, in short the ideal weather to play. Yes it is an advantage for everyone, but if it benefits everyone, it also benefits the French, CQFD.

9. Because you have to believe in karma

We often say it, but the wheel turns and will turn in fact.

In 2021 the French had made history, because for the first time in 53 years, none of them had qualified in the third round in the single tables (men and women combined), and before that, there was the Covid. So the third time will necessarily be the good one, it’s just logic.

10. Impossible is not French

Here, everything is said, believe, believe in our dreams.

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