Top 10 signs that this trip is going to be missed, frankly cancel immediately

1. You haven’t done any research on the climate of the country you’ve set your sights on

However, Southeast Asia during the monsoon period is still a bit of a hassle. Not that we hate having wet shoes that sploush sploush and dripping hair when you’ve just washed them, but a little nonetheless. So unless you have a passion for the rain, don’t forget your little boots and your oilskin.

2. You have decided to do a 5-day trek to see this unique place in the world, but you have never hiked for more than 2 hours in your life

And again, it was in Beauce, we can’t say that there was a sick drop. Finally, you had still had a little sore feet with your Stan Smith, but good laziness to invest in hiking shoes when you can take sneakers in poor condition, right?

3. You did not buy a guide because you are convinced that it is the unexpected that spices up travel

So ok, in the idea why not, but it’s still a shame to take the risk of missing out on half the things to see, especially since you have friends to piss off when you get home and that may be complicated if you have no idea where to go. And then in real life, is it really a trip if you haven’t bought a travel guide? The question needs to be asked.

4. You didn’t think to check if your country was in the euro zone or to withdraw money to change currency

As a result, you find yourself trying to remember your CM2 math lessons to understand the conversion rates in front of an ATM withdrawal terminal which will cost you both kidneys anyway. Your banker will be happy.

5. You took a bed in the worst hostel in a neighborhood far from everything

Finally, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to take accommodation in the nightclub district when you get up at 8am every morning to walk 15km.

6. You forgot to get the necessary vaccines to go to certain countries

But after all, what’s a little malaria if you really enjoyed your trip, huh? Eh ? This is false, any trip does not deserve you to catch diseases, so check imperatively the vaccines you will need to protect yourself. Who is the piquouze for?? For your little bibi!

7. You haven’t learned the essential words to know what you eat

And since you are unable to decipher the menus or know what specialties to taste, you find yourself eating the same burgers at the local fast food restaurant every night. Hyper local as an activity, frankly, hats off to the integration.

8. You haven’t taken the time to take a look at the local habits and customs, even if it means looking like a big asshole tourist

Don’t come crying if you get kicked out of a sushi bar for sticking your chopsticks in rice in Japan. It’s because you haven’t learned much about the customs of your host country, which are often essential to have good relations with the locals. You will know for next time.

9. You end up in a seedy bar because your friends took ten years to make up their minds.

The disadvantage of not having anticipated anything is that you spend more time thinking about what to do than drinking shots with your friends in crazy places. All this to, in the end, find you in quagmire plans that you could easily have avoided. We have a little pity on you all the same, courage, it will be fine.

10. You opted for only one carry-on bag for a three-week trip to Lapland

And in your rush to choose between a polar down jacket that protects down to -30° C and anti-frostbite socks, you forgot an essential element for your trip. Like an adaptor, mosquito repellent or a set of briefs. Dirty cabin baggage…

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