Top 10 Reasons To Worship Jamie Lee Curtis, A Likeable Type Person

My first is the start of a game, my second is someone I like, my third is the furniture I sleep in, my fourth is a vital organ, my fifth is a number pronounced with a German accent. My everything is a super cool Hollywood chick.

Good bah suddenly you saw that it is in the title of my top. I completely messed up my suspense but to make up for it I have good reasons for you to worship this sacred little piece of woman.

1. She has rather ultra stylish parents

Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis frankly I’ve seen better as a team of darons.

2. She’s one of the only actresses to have developed the same character over 40 years

Since her first interpretation of the character of Laurie Strode then a student in Halloween of Carpenter in 1978 when she is 20 years old, she held the reins of this character in Halloween II and III, then Halloween 20 years later, Halloween : Resurectionand so on and the best and we find it in 2022 in Halloween Ends. She embodies the saga even more than Michael Myers.

3. C’est LA “scream queen”

After having been the daughter of THE very first scream girl in the history of cinema. No wonder she’s in the cast of Scream Queens by Ryan Murphy. But the worst is that despite her successful career in horror films she managed to play in cult comedies: A Fish Called Wanda, Freaky Friday or at the moment Everything Everywhere All at Once which will undoubtedly enter the pantheon of the greatest masterpieces of his filmography.

4. She’s completely OK with the concept of getting old and damn it’s fun

Ok we are not talking about a miracle in itself since everyone is aging and it is time we were more relaxed on the subject. Still, she pushed a mouthful on the subject by assuming loud and clear the features of age because all that is normal and natural let’s stop bathing ourselves with anti-wrinkle creams and Photoshop retouching that will make us waste a lot of time.

The 63-year-old actress spoke without taboo about her relationship to aging and proclaims herself a defender of “natural beauty”.

Posted by Madame Figaro on Friday, March 4, 2022

5. She starred in True Lies which is by far one of the most beautiful creations of mankind

I don’t want to hear it is one of the best adaptations of French films abroad (see The Total I beg you, I really like Miou-miou and Thierry Lhermitte but it’s clearly not the same semolina)

6. She supports her trans daughter: it’s completely normal but unfortunately it doesn’t happen that often

Even today, it does not seem entirely obvious to live as a trans (hello euphemism). But at least when your mom is Jamie Lee Curtis it looks a little less boring. Without boasting of being an activist, the actress has spoken out several times simply because she considers it normal to fight for the rights of her child. Thanks Jamie.

7. She has just made her first film: Mother Nature

A thriller against a backdrop of climate change that seems very promising and that we can’t wait to discover at the cinema.

8. She is Jake Gyllenhaal’s godmother.

WHAAAAAAAAAAT. Does that mean if Jamie Lee Curtis is my godmother I can marry Jake or am I getting it?

9. She is a fan of Street Fighter

OK I don’t even know why I’m still continuing this top.

10. She insured her legs for 2.8 million euros

Well, after that, when you have legs that are 17 km long, it’s not bad to protect them properly. I refer you to the movie Perfect in which she shows the arrangement of her leg structure particularly well.

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