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Top 10 reasons to support OM in the Champions League

And yes guys, it’s very real, OM are second in Ligue 1, which means that they are directly qualified for the Champions League (sorry Monaco), and it’s been a while since we had not experienced that. Admittedly, we have given you good reasons to support PSG (we like to eat at all the racks) but no problem, I’ll show you why we can also support OM in the Champions League.

1. They qualified in extremis, and we love the suspense

What better way to spice up a game than a last-minute goal, for example? Marseille still gave us a great show during the edition of this Ligue 1, until they beat Monaco, which was second until then, after an incredible meeting (4-0) against Strasbourg. It is this kind of emotions that we want to live finally.

2. Because they will never do worse than what they did the last time they participated

At the same time, you can’t do worse. In the 2020-2021 edition, they finished dead last in their group in the elimination phase, so overall they cannot fall lower. At least you’ll be pretty sure you won’t be disappointed because you won’t have too many expectations.

3. Zidane supports them, and we remind that Zidane is the boss

OM is Zizou’s heart club, and as Zizou is a boss, the Marseillais are also bosses, this is called a syllogism. Without making tons of it (because saying that the Marseillais are bosses, perhaps you shouldn’t push), it’s nice to see Zidane supporting the club of his hometown, it warms our hearts in these dark and troubled times.

4. It will be three years since OM took part in a Champions League

Three years without the Champions League is not nothing for a club like Marseille, which should be used to major European championships. So we’re still very happy to see them again, it’s a little something in the heart, including you (to say with the Marseille accent, otherwise, it doesn’t work).

5. They already shit themselves in the Europa League Conference, so we can only hope for better

The Marseillais had gone to the semi-finals of the Europa League Conference, which is not disgusting, and they had the squad to win. Nevertheless, they deflated against Feyenoord Rotterdam, held in check in the first leg (3-2), the Marseillais were unable to raise the score in the second leg and finished with a 0-0. Quite disappointing since they had the means to win, but with an injured Payet and a Feyenoord team well in place, OM could not make the difference. All that to say that now a new page is being written with the Champions League, and that we’re going to have to kick our ass because you won’t be playing in the same class anymore.

6. Because Payet has a crazy cup (and he’s also a very good player), and Saliba got the trophy for the best hope of L1

Already we can talk about the little duvet and the curls of Payet? The guy clearly has a crazy style and we respect that. Then he entered the history of Ligue 1 by counting both 100 assists and 100 goals, it should be noted. As for little Saliba, he was voted best hope in Ligue 1 at the UNFP trophies. So OM’s squad is still not bad, there’s more to prove now guys.

7. PSG in the Champions League, we know them, might as well support another French club

I don’t know how many times we’ve supported PSG in the Champions League “the only French club really likely to win, gneu gneu gneu… Mbappé, gneu gneu”. Oh yeah ? And the comeback of Real we talk about it? Manchester United’s comeback in 2019, are we talking about it? The Barça comeback in 2017, WE TALK ABOUT IT??

Sorry I get carried away, but I tell myself that in order not to be frustrated, you might as well put your hopes on another club.

8. OM is a historic club, we must not forget that

Remember, even if the Marseillais say it already enough, but the “Never the first” still holds today. Ok, that was almost 30 years ago (yes, time flies), but since then no French club has been able to achieve the same feat.

And as they say, never 1 without 2 (we don’t say that, but it doesn’t matter).

9. Because “go fooot” (I’m starting to get more inspiration)

At some point, you also have to know how to support all the national clubs in the competition. There will only be a maximum of three French clubs (it will depend on the result of Monaco in the play-off phase), and we are a little tired of being bullied by the English, the Spanish and the Italians at European level. So we put our differences aside, and come on football!!

10. Because the Calanque de Sormiou is really too beautiful (that’s it, I have no more inspiration)

A city with such a landscape deserves a little support.

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