Top 10 reasons to be happy that Mbappé is staying at PSG, even delighted (and even a little more)

We’ve been talking about it for weeks, even months: was Kylian Mbappé going to stay at PSG or leave Ligue 1, where he’s already won everything, to join Real Madrid, where he only won hearts (well, that’s was before Saturday)? Here, “finito” as our great supreme guide Manu would say, the turtle has chosen, it remains at PSG, for a modest sum moreover. And there are at least 10 reasons to be happy.

1. It’s not often that a French club beats Real

This is perhaps the most beautiful comeback of PSG, a little revenge what. Too bad she’s in the locker room and not on the pitch, but a victory is still a victory. 14 victories in the Champions League, the White House, the myth, yes he prefers to play at Auteuil… We could argue that it’s the victory of money. It’s true, especially against a Real which is not rich at all, which wanted a closed Super League… Nah, guys, it doesn’t hold.

2. It will be a lot, a lot of money in taxes in the state coffers

We’re talking about a 300 million signing bonus and 100 million a year, it’s not disgusting as a salary. It will surely be much less, but it will still be crazy sums. Afterwards no one is forcing anyone to give it to him. And him to do something good with it.

3. It’s not so bad to see a player attached to his favorite club

Yes the money, ok. But money, he would have had it everywhere and a lot, enough to make 5 lives for him, his family over 5 generations and half of Bondy. If he stays, it’s because winning with Paris makes sense to him, let’s not spit on that. And it will make money in the coffers of Paris when he leaves in 2 years. A club that really needs it, we know that.

4. It’s less suspense for the next 2 years for the title of champion

Let us give them immediately to PSG and create a championship with the others. It will allow PSG to focus on the Champions League. We would save a lot of time.

5. Kylian will be in great shape for the World Cup

Going to Real meant having to adapt to a new club, a new life, a new atmosphere and that can take a few weeks or even a few months, we saw that with Messi. Or exactly the period of the World Cup in Qatar. We want a 110% Kyky to win the World Cup in December. And make a statement on the podium in the process to explain that this World Cup is scandalous and should never have taken place.

6. So much the better for Ligue 1

And we really need a little visibility. Because we have already looked at Angers-Brest. We do. But a guy overseas, he doesn’t care as much as we give a damn about a Burney – Aston Villa game. So we need players in L1 to make it shine. What’s better than the best in the world? Yes, we know, we already have Nolan Roux, but why not get a little help?

7. Just to piss off your friends who for 6 months have been telling you “he’s leaving for sure, it’s even obvious…”

Because they knew, they had the info because they know football, “we don’t say ‘no’ to Real”, “we’re going to win elsewhere in the best championships”, “it’s the meaning of football you don’t know anything about it blah blah blah”… Give them a little call to know their well-informed source and to know if all is well.

8. To worry less about post-match statements

We can blame Mbappé a lot, for pulling the blanket to him, for sometimes forgetting his partners in the field, for doing a little too much… But behind a microphone, we have to recognize that it’s still him the best. We understand everything, he makes sentences where he does not systematically find the words “well in place” and that feels good.

9. It will give PSG supporters an opportunity to make more mouths

It will be hard to go on strike when we manage to keep the best player in the world. Even if many prefer the former PSG (that of Pancrate for those who don’t know), we are curious to see them not getting up from their chairs next year on a goal in the knockout stages of the Champions League ( beyond the round of 16, we are not sure).

10. We will finally be able to move on

Like the War in Ukraine, the legislative elections, the bashing of new ministers, monkey pox, the return of CoVid, the fires to come, the IPCC report… Yum, it’s going to be good.

Kylian, when you read this top, because yes you are going to read this article it’s obvious, know that we wouldn’t have gone to Real either. Mainly because we weren’t asked, but that’s okay. We are the same Kylian, almost brother. It’s crazy when you think about it. You don’t have places for the Park suddenly?

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