Top 10 reasons not to trust people who love cats

We know that cats are jerks. And if cats are jerks, cat owners are necessarily jerks too. And as long as we have a minimum of judgment, it goes without saying that we cannot trust this strange species and we will prove it to you to whom it may concern.

1. They didn’t choose the dogs

Based on this observation, we already know that they are idiots.

2. They totally accepted living like big victims.

The cat takes up all the space in the bed, in the sofa, in the armchair, in the bathroom. He pukes at the foot of your bed. He pisses on the carpet and he marves your face at 5 a.m. You call that a healthy relationship?

3. They agree to live with someone who shits in their living room

In the litter OK but it’s still in the living room. Not only are cat owners untrustworthy, they’re also disgusting.

4. They are delighted to see their stupid cat eating birds.

Cat owners clearly have a plan to destroy the planet in their minds.

5. Uh Marine Le pen is a cat breeder, what more do you want?

After a while you begin to see tangible evidence that these people are not only morally unreliable but also extreme right wing.

6. They despise those allergic to cats

They won’t hesitate between their cat and you if you have the misfortune to suffer from an allergy. Do not even try to put you in a relationship with a cat owner, he will not have any form of consideration for your person.

7. If their cat attacks you, it will never be their fault.

“You shouldn’t have looked him in the eye at the same time, he takes it for a provocation, of course, what do you think?”

8. They don’t want children but clearly see their cat as a child.

All their money and all their energy is concentrated on this animal which will however make them experience premature mourning in less than 15 years, it’s still stupid.

9. They always have gross hair all over them.

Frankly, you think it’s okay, these people who leave their homes with hairs that aren’t even theirs all over their clothes.

10. And despite all that, if their cat is sick and the operation costs more than 200 bucks, they will clearly put it down

Cat owners are not trustworthy to other humans, but also not to their own cat. Never forget that.

I would rather be a cat owner owner.

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