Top 10 rare French words you won’t be able to live without, episode 2

Enriching your vocabulary never hurts. One day we told you about the rare words essential to the French language, but we didn’t want to stop there. Here is the opportunity for you dear friends to learn lots of new funny words that you certainly did not know and thus be a person with solid verve and a flowery language. Don’t thank us, but be grateful to us.

1. Coquebin

Rather than criticizing someone who is a little too silly or innocent for your taste, say now that it is a joke (or a joke). Can’t wait to rename our meeting of the teubés of the week “the coquebins of the week”.

A funny example: “This boloss makes me laugh too much how he knows nothing about life is he a joker OR KOUA? »

Not to be confused with : a rooster taking a bath because it’s not the same spelling on the one hand and also because roosters are big filth who don’t wash.

2. Amphigouric

When we come across this kind of words we could wonder if it really exists or if it’s not a big bullshit. Well take the quiz “Do these words exist or not?” and you will be fixed. In the meantime, we qualify as amphigouric a person who explains himself confusedly without any form of clarity. It is mainly used to talk about an incomprehensible style of writer.

A funny example: “His daronne the jkiff female dog of phew Proust but sometimes the guy is vla amphigourique when he talks there it gets drunk. »

Not to be confused with : “an amphitheater” but if sometimes we hear amphigoric things there.

3. Underworld

Said of a dubious place, an illegal trade. In the beginning, the expression “underworld trade” was used to refer to smuggling in the Spanish empire in America in the 17th century.

A funny example: “the guy who sells crack on the sly in the yard downstairs from wam’s, he’s so much of a nerd, it pisses me off. »

Not to be confused with : “Intermarché” until proven otherwise they sell legal stuff there. And Legos.

4. Emoucher

We are often accustomed to kicking flies by insulting them. In truth, one could quite simply say that one blunts. You can even use a snout for this. This is also the object used to protect the eyes of horses.

A funny example: “I spent the morning dusting the kitchen because I hadn’t washed the dishes for two weeks and the dried food on my plates was starting to say hello to me. »

Not to be confused with : “to blow one’s nose” even if one can blunt by blowing one’s nose.

5. Transparently

We had already told you about the opposites of completely crazy words. Good bah there it is not really an opposite of words but rather a synonym of atypical type of the word “translucent”. We use “pellucid” rather in biology to talk about the transparency of a very fine substance.

A funny example: “I’m very honest with people, I think you could say I’m crazy pellucid. »

Not to be confused with : “Film”. And I will not justify myself.

6. Verbose

Very practical to stall in a game of Scrabble, we also use the adjective “verbose” for a person who talks too much and too long. Or prolixly of the blow, which is also used completely.

A funny example: “Red of ass of the prolixity of this guy, speaks less in factchhh”

Not to be confused with : “suffix”, it is not because there is an “x” that it must be said that it is the same.

7. Obvious

If you have done English LV1 you certainly know that “obvious” means “obvious”. Well now you can say something that naturally comes to mind is obvious. Etymologically, it means “who goes to the wind” which I personally find charming.

Be careful, it has nothing to do with the verb “obviate” which is said to ward off something unfortunate. For example, I get over my hangover by not drinking 6 pints.

A funny example: “The cause of my hangover is obvious: I drank 6 pints”

Not to be confused with : director Ovidie.

8. Holistic

When we talk about something as a whole, well, we’re talking about something holistic. And even better, I would say that we are talking about something that is holism. It is mainly used to refer to a globalist approach.

A funny example: when i hear someone say that girls suck when they have their period i will answer them “cousin you have a holistic vision of the big jester girls will hide you”. Unless, of course, that man isn’t my cousin.

Not to be confused with : « Holy stick » en english.

9. Suitable

It’s a fairly old term but deserves to be brought back into fashion because it’s so much prettier than the words “relevant” or “appropriate” of which it is the synonym. And I consider my remark to be correct.

A funny example: “The bandage is an ideal tool for a scraped knee. On the other hand, the dressing is not suitable for a triple open fracture. »

Not to be confused with : “Iguana”, don’t be stupid.

10. Foutriquet

If you come across a person who is more of the puny type (if you don’t know the word “punny” it’s starting to get complicated, I can’t explain all the words of the French language it would waste a lot of time you really think I I don’t care to teach you about life, it’s really sore, good if you insist, so I specify that puny means rickety or sickly), you can now challenge him by saying “how are you, my little jerk? Unless that person is your line manager. Or your baker. Especially since the word is quite derogatory, in truth it is more a synonym of runt.

A funny example: “The guy lives with his parents at 40 years old, he’s a space bugger. »

Not to be confused with : “toaster” because it has nothing to do with it.

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