Top 10 proofs that Zemmour is a deconstructed man

In recent months, the polemicist who was already seen quite a bit (some would say, too much) on TV has decided to conquer politics by presenting his candidacy for the 2022 presidential election. Advocating a particularly radical and uninhibited extreme right, Eric Zemmour would make Marine Lepen look like a pretty nice girl. And that’s super deconstructed on his part. Yes Yes. Well yes, because deconstructed men are getting rid of gender stereotypes, advocating equality between the sexes and have become aware of the privilege inherent in their sex and their skin color. In short, all that seems to me to correspond well to Eric Zemmour and I’m going to prove it to you in ten earthy points.

1. He does the dishes

So that all the same if it’s not a good proof of deconstruction a man who knows so well how to do household chores for chicks. Don’t tell me that this man doesn’t fight for the rights of zoulettes after that.

2. He said he was “not misogynistic”

HE SAID IT. Listen, I don’t see what more you need: HE-LA-DIT. Since when do we question a man’s word in this world?

3. He’s talked to a woman before without groping her ass

Ok he is accused of having sexually assaulted eight women but compared to the amount of women on earth it is really very little in terms of proportions.

4. He is too much in love and that’s choupiiii

A beautiful, heartwarming love story. Certainly Eric Zemmour is still married to Mylène Chichportich, his companion for forty years, but it’s just that he really likes women.

Presidential candidate Eric Zemmour confirmed that his collaborator Sarah Knafo was his companion, in the program “Face à BFM” Wednesday evening on BFMTV

Posted by The Midi Dispatch on Wednesday, January 12, 2022

5. He also says he’s not a feminist, a very deconstructed stance coming from a man as he certainly feels this fight shouldn’t be smeared with mansplaining

When I think of all those bastards of guys who say they’re feminists when they’re guys, it kills me. Luckily there are real feminists like Eric Zemmour who says he’s not a feminist. It is with these kind of people that things can change.

6. When he says that “all geniuses are men” it’s simply to take the mental load off women.

Thank you actually Eric. Just, thank you.

7. He thinks feminine values ​​put society at risk.

It’s amazing how this thought is deconstructed! But yes because in fact when he says that, it is precisely to question gendered values ​​(and therefore feminine values). The people who accuse him of sexism have just understood nothing, I tell you straight up.

8. He advises against children coming to school naked.

Now, excuse me a bit, but that’s great advice when you’re deconstructed.

Whether it’s for a girl or a boy, you don’t have to come to school half naked. The school is not made to expose oneself, it is made to work.

Posted by Eric Zemmour on Tuesday, July 6, 2021

9. He was exempted from military service

As we know military service is really not a deconstructed thing at all. By escaping it thanks to a monoarthritis of the knee and an effusion of synovia, we can say that Zemmour has put all the chances on his side.

10. It is so deconstructed that it can disassemble any Ikea oklm furniture

It’s very simple, the level of deconstruction is such that I almost want to launch the show “Les déconstructeurs de l’Extrême” and make it my little filly.

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