Top 10 proofs that you were not the favorite child, you have to get used to the idea

Apparently, it’s normal to have a favorite child even if the parents never want to admit it. In truth, it’s nice when you’re in the position of the adored child but less fun when you’re the one who gets bullied. If these situations sound familiar to you, there is little doubt about your place in the hearts of your parents.

1. You have already been forgotten at the supermarket or at the gas station

If there’s one thing that favorite children have never known, it’s the moment when you are forgotten. Whether it was at the supermarket, at the gas station, in the car or even in the park, your parents forgot about you far far too often.

2. There are far fewer pictures of you in the living room.

There are lots of pictures of children in the living room at your parents’ house, but strangely, we see very little of you. This phenomenon often happens to the youngest of large families: the parents took a lot of photos of the first babies and zapped a little for the last ones because they had far too many things to do.

3. Your grandparents threw away all your childhood drawings.

It’s not that your grandparents don’t love you… but you can’t be said to be the favorite. You could accomplish great things in your life without your grandparents looking up from the TV while they’re still clipping the press articles from the pétanque competition your brother wins every year. Your childhood drawings are no longer even in boxes, while those of your little sister still adorn the fridge of your ancestors.

4. Your parents were at the bar at the fair during your end-of-year show

Every year, the school fair was in full swing and you performed in front of all the parents of the students the choreography that you had learned throughout the year. All the parents were filming, shouting and applauding. Well, all of them except yours because they were too busy chatting with Thierry, their friend who ran the bar.

5. You waited a little too long after school

It’s not that your parents forgot you…well yes, they totally forgot you. When you left school, you saw all your friends leave one by one until it was just you and the supervisor. It was long and a little sad but your parents always ended up arriving a little out of breath.

6. You were cut off when you told your day so that your brother/sister could tell theirs

“So me, today I started to learn the table of 4 and even that it was not easy at all and there is Matthieu who kept saying that…”

“Yes, great, and you, Constance, how was your day?” »

7. You have already been taken to school in your pajamas

Exasperated parents who threaten their children to take them away in their pajamas if they don’t hurry, there are a lot of them. Parents who carry out their threat, there are far fewer. They are both afraid of being seen as bad parents and not wanting their offspring to be humiliated in the playground. If you really experienced this situation, know that you were definitely not the favorite child.

8. Your family has already forgotten your birthday.

At breakfast, everyone acts as if nothing had happened and you only think of one thing: it’s your birthday! Only problem, your parents seem to have zapped a little. If it only lasts a few hours, that’s ok, but if you’ve ever gone to bed at night without anyone saying “happy birthday” to you, it’s really too sad.

9. You spent your summers in camp when your family went on vacation

Have you ever had that horrible moment when parents choose one child to do an activity and leave the other child? Have you ever experienced this situation where the other child was you? If so, we’re really sorry for you. Whether it’s staying with the babysitter while your brother goes to the movies or going to camp when your sister goes on vacation, it’s never fun.

10. You grew up in a closet under the stairs

And even that there is a punk with dogs who kidnapped you to take you to a school of super dangerous magic gneugneugneu but yes of course…

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