Top 10 proofs that New York is a bad city, long live Tourcoing

Every year it’s the same, lots of people go on a trip to New York as if it was THE dream destination par excellence and that you absolutely had to go there to be someone cool. When in fact it’s just a city, and there are many other cities near you. In a completely objective way I will give you the reasons to avoid this one because frankly there’s nothing to see.

1. Because it’s sick polluted

Of course, who says huge city says high pollution rate, and even if it means breathing rotten air and eating your lungs as much as smoking big cigarettes at the entrance to my uncle’s illegal coal mine. I’ll PM you the address.

2. Because the Statue of Liberty we have one in Paris

The only thing to see in the city at the limit is this, a stupid statue of a woman holding a torch, but you might as well avoid taking a plane for that, we have the same in Paris, in smaller but you can see it closer so it’s the same. Even better, I’ll give you the direct photo.

3. Because there are taxis everywhere

Unless you’re a taxi enthusiast, I don’t see what makes you want to go there because that’s 80% of what you’re going to see: taxis. If it’s really your thing, you can go to Roissy and you’ll eat tacos.

4. Because there are nearly 50 million visitors per year

Counting the people who go there for work and tourism, we arrive at 50 million people who pass through this city. Going there is therefore a cruel lack of originality and unless you are a damn sheep who does like everyone else you can clearly travel elsewhere, like in Auvergne, it is really less far.

5. Because it’s snowing way too much

In New York it’s super cold all the time, just look at the latest record snowfall of almost two meters of snow in one night. Do you really want to live in a town where enough snow can fall overnight to cover a hobbit village? Not me.

6. Because we see the city in about 3,489,742,394 films, so we already know it by heart

So you have already indirectly visited this place which is not worth a look more than that when you have probably never set foot in Tourcoing to see its magnificent town hall and mingle with its proud and welcoming locals. .

7. Because it’s 60% buildings and 40% roads

When you’ve seen a city you’ve seen them all and New York is no exception to the rule: roads, streets, boulevards, buildings, bus stops and a subway… Wow, great, if it’s to see so many grays you might as well go to a DIY store and ask to look at the cement color chart.

8. Because it’s super expensive

Contrary to popular belief that says that you can eat in lots of “cheap” stores in the city, you actually have to pay super expensive for next to nothing in a country where gastronomy boils down to fat and cheddar . Suffice to say that it’s not worth it either.

9. Because it would take eight months to see everything

Going to New York for ten days or two weeks is like setting foot in the Louvre for two minutes. You will see the entrance and the toilets. If you wanted to visit the whole city, which again is mostly made up of buildings, you would need almost eight months as it is one of the largest cities in the world. Super restrictive as a trip.

10. Because their park has the craziest name of parks in the world.

Central Park, translation: the central park. If people can bother to find a name for a park, I might as well tell you that they are not going to make an effort for the rest, like welcoming tourists or finding ways to make their city friendly. We are talking about a city where the avenues have numbers instead of names, not even a good old General De Gaulle avenue.

If you still want to visit this shitty city despite my indisputable arguments then check out cool things to do in New York. Spoiler: take the plane to leave.

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