Top 10 Pregnant Women Who Completely Abuse

Ok, pregnancy is hard (well, from what I’ve been told, I’ve never tested it): the problems of pregnant women are no jokes, and that’s why you have to be nice to them. We help them carry the water pack and we let them sit on the bus. On the other hand, you should also know that some pregnant women take full advantage of their status and ask for abused things. There, that’s a big no.

1. She wants to double the entire Victoria’s Secret queue because she’s pregnant

” I am so angry. I’m pregnant, I wanted to shop at Victoria’s Secret…there was a very long line, I spoke to the manager about being able to double line, and he told me I had to line up like everyone else. Is this your rule?? Pregnant women are like other people for you? You should be ashamed… what does the law say in the USA? »

2. I’m pregnant so you should give me some money

“Okay then I will close this group now!!! Apparently it’s wrong for me to post that it’s my birthday with my Lydia account in case someone wanted to be nice to me! I am the administrator of this group, I am pregnant and I have 3 children! I take care of a lot of things and here I’m the admin of this group and I let people post lots of different things, I’m not strict, and I get negativity from people! For example it’s my birthday and I’m pregnant (wickedness & rudeness) that’s what I actually get!

3. Give me a $25,000 car for $50 because I’m pregnant.

“_ Hi, how much are you hoping to buy the Piccadilly? I just bought a new car, so I don’t need the Suzuki.

_ The maximum I can offer is between $50 and $100. Do you think it’s good? I will have my first baby in April next year and a new car would be great.

_ Congratulation?! These are cars worth $25,000, so I can’t do that. Good luck finding the other ticket!

Thanks. How much are you asking so I can get a rough idea?

_ I had people who offered $5000

_ Thanks anyway ! You have found a good money-making lode, keep up the good work. I let you know that I was expecting a child next year and you thought it was a good opportunity to try to charge me more than $5,000 for something you got for free.

_ I could buy the car and sell it for $20,000. Save your money and spend it on the child”

4. “I’m pregnant, treat me like a queen”

” I’m 22 years old. Single mom to almost 1 year old daughter Eleanor and almost 6 months pregnant with my second daughter Nevaeh and both dads are worthless 🙂 Have no fear, pregnant girls are fun. I’m just looking for someone loyal, trustworthy, caring and who shows me what it’s like to be treated like a queen. I don’t just want a relationship, I’m looking to find someone to finally settle down with. I’m done with those little assholes. Contact me. »

5. She’s pregnant so she wants to pay half price

“I swear people are really rude. I’m asking about an air conditioner that a woman is selling for $100. I ask if she can sell it to me for $50 because my 220 AC died and she says no because she bought her AC this spring for $180 for a bedroom and they don’t use that room anymore, and I told her I was 8 months pregnant and she said no. »

6. Tinder is not for looking for a dad normally

“Ummm I’m pretty laid back and clumsy as hell. I’m also pregnant so I’m looking for someone who can play 2 roles, boyfriend and dad. Seriously, I want to settle down and I’m only looking for the best we deserve. Tired of pettiness, bullshit and kids. I’m too old for that. And I’m not a sex doll […] »

7. During the Covid, this person offered packs for pregnant women in difficulty, and a pregnant woman actually made her shopping list

“- Baby Kit… Comb..


– Covers

– Cradle set

– Crib sheets

– Clean clothes

– Bath soap, Lotions, Shampoo

– Baby towels


_ I’m sorry, I only give kits prepared in advance. »

8. She’s going to have a kid so she wants to fire the sparrows

“My daughter lives with me and she is pregnant. I have a noisy cockatoo and other birds. Do you think the cockatoo will be too noisy for a newborn? She asks me to send it back and I can’t do that. Do you have any tip ? »

9. “I’m pregnant and I’m looking for a sexy guy to spoil me”

“I’m 26 and pregnant…i’m having twins…I’m looking for a man who is fit, sexy, caring and wants to spoil his princess…you need to have a clear mind and be open to new things … »

10. “I’m pregnant so I complain when I’m offered a sandwich”

“I just had a fit of anger as a pregnant woman in a sandwich shop. I ordered a small sandwich online from Sourdough & Co and when I went to pick it up it was half a sandwich. I went back to the counter and explained that I was pregnant and hungry and didn’t realize I had just paid almost $7 for half a sandwich. I asked them to give me the other half of my sandwich and said I will pay the difference. The woman behind the counter asked me if I wanted to pay for another half sandwich. I said, no, I don’t want two halves that make up a $14 sandwich, I want you to apply what I’ve already paid to the cost of a full size sandwich and give me a sandwich of normal size. They couldn’t understand that and I think my negative energy was making everyone around me nervous so they just made me a whole sandwich and didn’t charge me the difference. »

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