Top 10 photos of the French cast of The Boys, soon on your screens

As you know, in France we don’t know how to make good series so we steal the ideas of the Americans and the English to redo them less well (the tricolor versions of The night of et Luther prove us right). In order to limit the damage of the next adaptation, we have decided to continue the work of @BenRenaut on Twitter to reflect on the French cast of the excellent series The Boys.

1. Homelander : Franck Dubosc

Clearly not the same caliber of actor, but hey, who says French casting unfortunately says French actor. But who better than Franck Dubosc can play a psychopathic superhero? A lot of people, we grant you, but at least there’s a resemblance.

2. Billy Butcher : Patrick Fiori

Okay, there for once it’s rather similar in terms of physics. A role against employment for the actor / singer (we don’t know if he is really an actor in reality) who could (re)launch his career and make us discover, who knows, someone talented.

3. Hughie Campbell: Matthew Delormeau

We really have to expect that the French adaptation will be very bad, but if we go in this direction, we might as well take Matthieu Delormeau for the role of Hughie: even if it means being pissed off as much as laughing at seeing bad acting.

4. Queen Maeve : Karine Ferri

It was either her or Eva Green (who looks a little more like her), to see which one will be available for the shoot. In any case, you should clearly not miss this character since in the basic series Maeve is extremely badass.

5. Frenchie: Camille Combal

Frankly, the more you look at the two images, the more the resemblance is disturbing. And at least we will have an actor who plays French without having an English accent to cut with a knife, it will already be not bad.

6. The Deep : Pierre Niney

A little talent in the middle of it all can’t hurt. The handsome guy who plays the French adaptation well, in addition he is able to be funny so it’s all won. Have to see what he gives in sex scenes with octopuses now.

7. Starlight : Roxane Bret

Ok we don’t know the actress but a super nice colleague told us that they looked alike. In any event Starlight apart from having yellow contact lenses and doing stories, she doesn’t do much.

Picture credits: The Boys

8. Stormfront: Geraldine Nakache

Admit there’s a little trick, frankly. Nope ?

9. Stan Edgar: We read Pascal

We force a little because we like Legitimus, but we are convinced that as the big boss of Vought Enterprise it would be perfect.

10. A Train : Mister V

Frankly, he is doing well Mister V, he is one of the characters who has the best evolution of the whole series.

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