Top 10 People Who Turned Down An Oscar Who Didn’t Have Time For This Bullshit

Life is unfair, there are people who succeed in everything they do and others who fail every time, it’s the balance of the world. That’s why there are great actors who never won the Oscar while others got it but didn’t even go get it because they had better things to do or felt above these rewards. We’re going to talk about these troublemakers today because I’m sick of these people who don’t think they’re shit.

1. Katherine Hepburn

So beware, we are talking about the person who has had the most Oscar nominations in history, just that, and despite twelve nominations and four Oscars won Katherine Hepburn missed almost all the ceremonies where she was invited from 1933 to 1974. She came only to that of 1974 because she had to give a prize to a friend, not at all to recover a statuette in her name, preferring to put others forward that herself is classy.

2. Marlon Brando

The most memorable rejection of the Oscars ceremonies goes to Marlon Brando, who didn’t even give a damn at the party when he was rewarded for his role in The Godfather. He had sent in his place a young woman of native American origin to protest against the vision that the cinema made of the first inhabitants of the country. A powerful message but which spoils the atmosphere a little, try to eat your petit four and drink champagne after such a speech.

3. Paul Newman

After coming over 20 years to the ceremony and missing out on the Oscar with six nominations, the hyperclass actor decided to stop coming for nothing and not show up in 1987 when he finally won it for The color of money. He must have had his ass full of it and that’s good, he didn’t need that for us to see that he was a good actor. But still, a bit of a bad player from Paulo.

4. Elizabeth Taylor

If Elizabeth Taylor didn’t accept her Oscar for the film Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? this is because she was nominated at the same time as her husband Richard Burton nominated for the same film. Except that the latter had already missed four Oscars and did not want to feel ridiculed a fifth time. So he took his wife to Paris to avoid going to the ceremony and that year Burton once again missed the Oscar but Liz Taylor was nominated. Not very fair play Richard.

5. Dudley Nichols

Writer and director Dudley Nichols was the first person ever to turn down an Oscar. He was nominated in the “best screenplay” category for the film the snitch but adamantly refused to attend the ceremony because he was part of the Screenwriters Guild and wanted to criticize the treatment of authors in Hollywood. He even refused to pick it up at the post office several times, to show them that they could fuck it up their ass.

6. Woody Allen

If he is not necessarily committed against the Oscars, Woody Allen has often missed the ceremony because he considers (like many of his peers) that this kind of ceremony is a bit useless, the principle of doing competitions in the art being indeed debatable. And when a man who married his adopted daughter tells you that what you’re doing is questionable, it’s time to question yourself. Anyway he was not present in 2011 because he had to play the clarinet with his orchestra, an excuse not only valid but true.

7. George C. Scott

Actor who played with a certain Stanley Kubrick (Doctor Strangelove), George C. Scott didn’t mince his words about the Oscars, which he described as a “two-hour long meat parade”, enough to give a lackluster image of this ceremony. He was actually completely against the principle of judging the performance of two different people in two different works, which, if you think about it, is far from stupid.

8. Eminem

Le bonhomme was nominated in the category “best original song” for the excellent piece Lose Yourself going out with the movie 8 Mile. Except that Eminem didn’t believe for a single second that he was going to win and therefore didn’t show up at the ceremony because he was pissed off. He was sleeping at home when it happened. To make up for it he went to sing the song 17 years later at the ceremony for no reason. But then really none.

9. John Gielgud

If you don’t know John Gielgud know that he doesn’t care, he was not in the star system. Twice nominated for the statuette he never went looking for them and was clearly living well without having to set foot in them. He defined the ceremony as a best of “mutual congratulatory nonsense”, which is also found at the Caesars. And it’s true that seeing rich people send flowers to each other for two hours while saying that we have to save the planet as they get off their private jet is a bit boring.

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10. Patrick Timsit

And to finish we are going to talk about this little Frenchie by Patrick Timsit. Unlike the other personalities of this top Timsit has always refused the Oscar for the simple reason that he has never won it. “Easy” you would be tempted to think, but no, modesty. Quite simply the brand of the greats.

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