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Top 10 people who like beer a little too much, those who go too far for a foam

Every passion has bad sides. We can love something up to a certain point beyond which everything risks falling apart (especially when we talk about alcohol). In the genre, there are sometimes people who like beer a little too much. So much, which gave rise to unusual funny, sad, shocking or heartbreaking facts. Let’s take a look at these people who are too fond of little foam.

1. A paralyzed patient regains speech: he asks for beer and metal

Barely able to converse again, he asks for a beer and some metal. We are facing a real amateur for whom the love of a good foam has no limits. According to sources, his portrait is displayed in several bars around the world.

2. Rennes: beer takes on water and is delivered by canoe

In Rennes, when we cannot have the beer delivered normally, we have it delivered by canoe. That’s the kind of motivation you want to see when you’re a real fan. Never has a beer been so deserved, and we expected no less from the Bretons who are ready to move mountains when it comes to drinking an aperitif.

3. Bréhal: after 48 beers, a bottle of pastis and rosé, a motorist leaves the road

Must say that after drinking so much to “go off the road” it was clearly the least bad thing that could happen to him. Frankly we even wonder how he could start with so much alcohol in his blood, a normally constituted human would have already collapsed on the ground.

4. Boulogne: hooded, he tries to steal a can of beer

When we come to hood to steal a can is that we really think we are going to commit the crime of the century for not much. It’s going a bit too far for a can, even if it means taking risks and having pro gear like a balaclava, so at least aim for a six-pack.

5. Avignon: he steals beers in the morning and comes back to do his shopping at noon

Quiet, the guy returns to do his shopping in the same place just a few hours after stealing binouzes. Two questions therefore remain: if he had money to pay for his shopping, why did he not buy the beers directly and above all why he went back to the same store? An enigma, like the origins of beer names.

6. Jura: 2,000 empty beer barrels are stolen

When we come to stealing empty barrels, we have nothing more to lose. And 2000 drums I like to tell you that on the one hand it weighs its weight but in addition it takes up a lot of space. Well obviously it was probably to resell them and there’s a lot of money to be made but part of me wants to believe that it was rather a passionate collector.

7. Disguised as a delivery man, he steals beers by the entire cart

He clearly did this without pressure (and without bad puns), everything is calculated, mastered, millimetered and regulated like music paper. A real professional, a beer lover but also a thief, sorry to tell you but it’s actually illegal.

8. They steal 78,500 bottles of beer from the USA to recreate a movie scene.

It seems unlikely but it is nevertheless the theory retained by the police in a strange case where two trucks of beers were stolen. In the movie in question run after me sheriff we see truckers transporting beer in trucks when it is prohibited in this state. The fact that the beer trucks were stolen right next to the filming location of the film has favored the trail of a tribute. Singular and illegal, but a tribute nonetheless.

9. Vaucluse: He steals beer from a kindergarten, three months in prison

Already the choice of the place is suspect, but there is an explanation: the beers had been bought for the end of the year party, it was not for the kids. But it’s not the first place where you say to yourself “well, there will be beers there for sure”. With a nose like that he could have found truffles in this guy, too bad to waste such a talent.

10. United States: First beer delivery by self-driving truck

We end with a small techno point for tech lovers, an autonomous truck managed the first driverless beer delivery in history in the United States. A technical feat that reminds us that we have a sense of priorities in life, we are able to pay people to build trucks that deliver our beers but not to reduce our energy consumption.

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