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Top 10 people who got banned from places for life, gotta stop coming sir

There are times in life when a decision is made, sometimes without your approval and there is nothing you can do about it. This is the case when someone ghosts you for example, or when your child has decided to defecate on it while you are stuck in a traffic jam. It happens. Getting banned from a place is also one of those kinds of moments, and while we’ve already shown you the people who got banned for stupid reasons we haven’t yet talked about the ones who are banned for life.

1. A guy was banned from the Target store for putting up “slippery floor” signs in front of the “50 Shades of Grey” department.

Yes because he didn’t do it just anywhere, he had fun putting his signs on the floor of the store next to a stall of “50 Shades of Grey” products to do what we deems to be a very good valve. A misunderstood genius.

2. Someone got banned from their gym for wanting to cancel their membership

After simply trying to cancel his subscription, a gym user was denied his request without a valid reason. He did what everyone would do: he called his bank to ask to stop the payment, in exchange for which he was simply banned for life from the room, with a photo of him at the entrance and all .

3. A man was banned for life from a prison

While working in a prison, an employee asked for access to therapy sessions to relieve himself from his complicated daily life. He was refused this help and quite logically he went to seek help from a psychologist outside the prison, which the establishment did not appreciate. So there was a trial and the man, even if he won, was banned from prison for life… Still stupid.

4. A customer was banned from a clothing store for picking up and dropping off multiple items.

Apparently it’s not done too much in a certain store to take an item, drop it off, take another item, drop it off and so on. It’s a bit like the principle of shopping at the base, but you have to believe that it bothered the manager to have to tidy up. Completely stupid to ban someone for life for that though.

5. A man was banned for life from an all-you-can-eat restaurant for “eating too much”

So, it must be said that it is more or less the whole principle of this kind of restaurants: eat at will. If we start firing people because they do exactly what we tell them, it ruins any system of commerce and financial exchange.

6. Someone was banned from Russia for leaving a car when leaving the country

Obviously if you are passing through Russia it is not good to leave leaving a car in the street. It is better to burn it or throw it in the trash otherwise you could get the same treatment as this poor person, namely being banned for life from the country.

7. A man was banned from DisneyWorld (USA) for trying to take a canoe

In the DisneyWorld park there is the island of Peter Pan where you can find, among other things, canoes. A man, who was still a child at the time, tried to get into one of the boats and take it for a ride on the water when it was prohibited, which resulted in him being banned for life of the park. A little harsh, but good.

8. Someone got banned from Target for squeezing lots of squeaky dog ​​toys at once.

Of all the reasons you can get banned from a place this is probably the dumbest. A customer took several rubber squeaky toys in his hands and decided to squeeze them at the same time to make noise and innocently laugh, he was banned from the store for life.

9. Banned for completing a challenge to eat the biggest steak multiple times

Someone has been banned for life from a restaurant for completing their challenge to eat a two-pound steak in under six hours. The problem is, he did it six times in two weeks. Either way, he wouldn’t have lived long going on like this.

10. Someone was banned from a chain of bakeries for ordering a cake with the face of Mao Zedong.

To make a friend laugh, someone ordered a cake with the face of Mao Zedong and the text “The Most Honorable and Beloved of Presidents Wishes a Glorious Birthday to His Friend” from a pastry shop. If the joke wasn’t necessarily the funniest, the weirdest thing was that the bakery baked the cake, served it to the group of friends, and then told them they were banned for life. Incomprehensible.

Picture credits: Topito
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