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Top 10 of the worst things found in suitcases, be careful your suitcase has just mewed

It’s always a bit annoying to lose a suitcase or a travel bag during your vacation, especially when it’s the fault of the company you’re traveling with. But it can also become a strange surprise for the teams who have to deal with these famous lost packages, because sometimes you can find really strange things in suitcases and you will find out right away with some examples that will make you spit out your apple juice through your nose.

1. Human body parts

Well, we don’t really count the times we found a corpse or parts of corpses in suitcases, so we’re not going to make a compilation but in November 2022 passers-by found a suitcase with body parts near the canal in Saint Denis, which is clearly not something you generally want to find.

2. A cat (alive)

In the airport of New York customs employees discovered a cat (fortunately alive) in a suitcase while passing it to X-rays. The traveler was not at all aware because this little bastard of a feline had unknowingly slipped into his travel bag. The good surprise that can quickly ruin the holidays.

3. A 40.95 emerald

This pretty little pebble was found in a briefcase in the United States. First entrusted to lost property, the luggage was then opened and that’s when we discovered the beautiful stone, worth $35,000 anyway, and I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but I can tell you that it’s very boring to lose $35,000.

4. Hundreds of Turtles

The story broke in the Philippines when authorities discovered a hell of a lot of turtles inside a suitcase, 1529 to be exact. Tiny little turtles packed tightly by some big fat animal trafficker bastards who had probably left the suitcase in a panic.

Credits photo (CC BY-SA 3.0) : Original uploaded by Céréales Killer on French Wikipedia.

5. Knight armor

This replica (actual size and weight) made in the 19th century was found in an abandoned suitcase and was worth its small price. It must have been super boring to transport but the most incomprehensible is to know why its owner had put it away in a suitcase. An outfit like this is always worn.

6. A Rattlesnake

We did not find this snake in a suitcase strictly speaking for the simple and good reason that it had escaped from the bag in which it was to walk around in the luggage compartment, which is not reassuring and probably pissed off the employee who took care of unloading the vehicle.

7. Weird objects from ancient Egypt

We found in a suitcase of the Gucci brand some priceless objects from ancient Egypt, most of which date from 1500 BC. In the pile of strange stuff was a shrunken head or even a mummified falcon, objects that we would see in the worst living room decorations.

8. Dozens of Mexican tarantulas

Packed in small plastic bags, dozens of tarantulas had been found upon arrival of a flight (so it was checked by unprofessional people at the departure airport) and they had all died of cold because ‘the holds are not heated. Still some of the most stolen animals in the world.

9. Various drugs

Between the suitcase in which we found more than two kilos of coke hidden in the bars of the retractable handle or the one in which we found opium flowers, in other words, we can quite often find drugs in luggage abandoned in because of the panic of the owner or of a various reason.

10. A Freddy Krueger-style gardening glove

Someone had tried to travel with a glove of the style in hand luggage, which, as much to say it to you was clearly refused by the employees of the airport. Because concretely we don’t need to garden in full flight and above all it’s something with which we can kill people, two valid reasons to ban it.

And you, what is the object that you always take with you on a trip? Personally, it’s my collection of rusty saws, I never part with them.

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