Top 10 of the funniest Google comments on the Seine

If there’s one reason why people don’t come to France, it’s the Seine. The river is known only because it passes through Paris, while the best of the Seine is found well upstream. But hey, that doesn’t stop tourists from leaving more or less funny reviews.


My opinion on this opinion: I admit I too would have preferred, because to finish in Le Havre no thank you.

2. Let’s concrete the brothel

My opinion on this review: yes frankly abused, I tried to skate on it, I drowned.

3. Attention danger

My opinion on this review: WHAT! SICK?!

4. Google spies really suck

My opinion on this review: Ok Martine, but you have proof?

5. “Not safe for whales”

My opinion on this review: I think it is not safe for many other animals, such as giraffes.

6. 20/20 in geo

My opinion on this review: thank you Lorenzo, I had been traveling across Europe in search of this river for months.

7. It deg

My opinion on this review: when will a river actually dry up?

8. GO singer a new lease

My opinion on this review: the rent is as expensive as the apartments in Paris?

9. We love tankers

My opinion on this advice: it is a river where the fish feed more on hydrocarbons than on plankton.

10. Few words are enough

My opinion on this review: this person has said it all.

If this article has just upset your daily life and questioned your professional project, then I wish you a good day.

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