Top 10 of the funniest clashes of the month, episode 10

Hi to you lovers of confusion and altercations. Do you rejoice when you see people being clashed on the Internet? GOOD NEWS. You’ve come to the right place kids. Here, we show you the crème de la crème of clashes that hurt. Each month, you are selected for murderous projections by interposed keyboards, when you have not deserved it at all. Yes, the clash has already begun. You weren’t ready.

1. He got mad before thinking (and that’s stupid)

“I went to the restaurant with my girlfriend and was told it was a 20 minute wait. After only a few minutes a couple walked in and were seated right away. I complained and left immediately. I don’t tolerate bullshit and I don’t tolerate people who think I should have respect when they don’t. »

“Tim, do you know what a reservation is?” »

2. In your teeth John

Suddenly there is not enough room in our house, suddenly it is no longer a problem. Like what when we want we can.

3. Advice from people born rich is rarely good advice.

“I have the best advice for women in business,” says Kim Kardashian. “Get your fucking ass up and work. Looks like no one wants to work these days. »

“No, I have the best advice: being born into a wealthy family, doing a ton of plastic surgery, filming and then releasing a sex tape, turning that planned notoriety into a ‘reality’ TV show exploiting younger sisters and… so ! Fastoche »

4. One hell of a trickster this Gégé

Wasn’t his police tearing up refugee tents in France?

5. This gentleman’s nerve

Elon Musk: “Free speech is essential for democracy to work. Do you think Twitter strictly adheres to this principle? »

Mike Masnick (founder of the Techdirt blog): “You just fired an employee because you didn’t like the video he posted on YouTube. » [Il l’a vraiment fait, la preuve]

Always Mike Masnick: “And just to add a layer: do you remember the time when Ellon Musk had a journalist’s Tesla order canceled because he did not like what he had written? »

6. We listen to the experts please

Russian Embassy in South Africa: “Dear subscribers, we have received a large number of letters of solidarity from South Africans, individuals and associations. We appreciate your support and are happy that you have decided to support us today, when Russia, like 80 years ago, fights Nazism in Ukraine! »

German Embassy in South Africa: “Sorry, but we can’t stay silent on this one, it’s just way too cynical. What Russia is doing in Ukraine is slaughtering innocent children, women and men for its own gain. It is certainly not “fighting Nazism”. Shame on anyone who falls into the trap. (Unfortunately, we are a bit of an expert on Nazism.)”

7. An unreliable source

“Last weekend, I went to a coffee shop in Atlanta right after Ryan Reynolds went there. The staff was still very nervous and they got my order wrong. But I’m Canadian, so I drank it. Curious to know if they got his order wrong as well. »

Ryan Reynolds: “I don’t think they got my order wrong. Partly because I always order a very simple black coffee. But mostly because I wasn’t in Atlanta. »

8. Looks like someone wants a medal here

Okay, he was probably answering a question we asked him, but the clash is funny.

9. A slightly gratuitous but nevertheless tasty clash

“If you locked me in a room, how would you make my life depressing?” »

“If locking you in a room doesn’t depress you, I’ll let you go back to your normal life.” Sounds like she’s depressing enough already. »

10. It’s really cool to have a disruptive President

Strongly the 5 additional years!!!

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