Top 10 of the best tweets from @Ganette_, a person who makes us laugh

Hello little friends, I hope everything is well at your place, that the weather is nice and warm and that the last born of the family will become rich and famous. On my side, everything is going well except for the moment when my colleagues tried to throw me out of the window of the 3rd floor, they are really sacred jokes. To laugh and laugh again together, we have concocted a top tweets with little onions with the jokes and anecdotes of Ganette on Twitter. Have a nice day everyone!

1. So already hello

2. Yes, but still…

3. It’s war, we must admit everything!

4. Oh no, a new culinary debate

6. Luckily we have Damso lol

7. What do you want to say to that?

8. A Beautiful Day

9. And nobody wants to do that

10. Couldn’t have found better

Alright, we gotta go now. Have a nice week end !

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