Top 10 of the best insults of the Zemmour-Jadot debate, it’s beautiful politics

Yesterday on France 2 there was a debate between Yannick Jadot and Eric Zemmour on the war in Ukraine, and as much to tell you that we have already seen warmer discussions. Very quickly, the two took the head power 1000 and came from there to throw words frankly not friendly. Honestly, we wouldn’t even have been surprised if the two candidates ended up getting up and having fun (and we know very well who would have won) but fortunately things didn’t go that far. In short, it was a little nonsense, but we still took the opportunity to raise the best insults that flew before the eyes of a disappointed Léa Salamé. We also added some names of birds that we would have liked to see, just for the form.

1. “Service Jew” (Jadot in Zemmour)

On the set, Zemmour recalled that Jadot had thrown that at him recently, and it’s true that even if we have trouble with the slightly xenophobic ideas of the far-right candidate, the words are not pretty at all. Well, Jadot had already recognized that the expression he had used was not jojo, and what he really meant was that Zemmour, by supporting Pétain’s collaboration during the Second World War, was serving the anti-Semite soup. Immediately, we understand better that the green candidate does not carry it in his heart.

2. “Racist and ally of the Islamists” (Zemmour in Jadot)

According to the candidate already condemned by Justice for racism, Jadot protects the Islamists who kill Jews, and he is therefore the racist. There, we are in the strategy of the “mirror mirror”, or of “it is the one who says it who is it”. A technique that worked really well when we were 7-8 years old, but which still goes a lot less in a live television debate.

3. “Collabo of the Islamogauchists” (Zemmour in Jadot)

We always stay on the same path: Zemmour criticizes Jadot for being complacent with Islamism. A classic attack against the left, as if the leftists were happy that there were Islamist attacks in the world and in France (spoiler: no).

4. “Perhaps you will be sentenced for sexist or sexual violence” (Jadot in Zemmour)

Well, it’s not an insult per se, but we’re on some good spades that hurt. It comes from Jadot, who took great pleasure in recalling the affair revealed by Mediapart early March. As a reminder, at least 8 women have accused Zemmour of having sexually assaulted them, which makes a little stain on the CV of someone who hopes to become President of the Republic. And what did the Zemmour say to that? That he was going to sue Jadot for libel if he continued. Ok, that obviously didn’t make him laugh.

[Vidéo] For several months, Mediapart investigated and collected the testimony of eight women who accuse the candidate…

Posted by Mediapart on Tuesday, March 8, 2022

5. “Soup waiter for Vladimir Putin” (Jadot in Zemmour)

The green candidate strongly condemns the Russian president and did not hesitate to answer “yes” to the question “Is Putin a war criminal?” So it’s clear. On the other hand, on the Zemmour side, it is much more difficult to condemn the Russian dictator, perhaps because they idolize him a little too much. That’s what Jadot blames him for.

6. “Hitler and Pétain’s Europe carrier in Montoire” (Jadot in Zemmour)

Come on, a little historical reminder this time: on October 24, 1940, Pétain and Hitler met in Montoire-sur-le-Loir where they decided to set up the collaboration. You understood, it’s not the most flattering moment in Europe. It is even quite the opposite. So, when Jadot accuses Zemmour of carrying this vision of Europe, we are on a good big insult. The problem is that we can’t help but wonder if he’s just a little bit right.

The insults we would have liked to hear

7. “You’re so mean that you make Marine Le Pen look nice”

Let’s not forget that Le Pen is not a nice breeder of cats. It is always the lady of the FN who does not like foreigners too much.

Although her ability to be a “good” President of the Republic remains low, according to reported opinions.

Posted by Point on Monday, January 17, 2022

8. “Sale babosse”

Yes, because even if Jadot wears suits on TV, it is certain that at home he hangs out in sarouel, does not use deodorant and plays the diabolo while listening to Mano Negra.

9. “Petite Bite”

Classic and effective, if a little phallocentric, this insult is always satisfying to hear. Short of substantive arguments, it becomes very useful and allows you to attack your opponent’s virility. And, knowing a little Zemmour, the guy must not like that we touch his manhood.

10. “Zemmour”

Because it would really hurt us to be called that.

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