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Top 10 most insufferable movie characters of all time, why they exist???

The films are still well done. There are characters who are so realistic that we come to hate them very much, as if they were really part of our lives when in fact, praaaank, it’s only fiction. It is strong cinema all the same. Yet we still want to put acid in these people’s eyes and splatter salt on their scratches. Regarding the characters below. They clearly deserve all the worst torture in the world. In low words.

1. Bella in Twilight

Congratulations to this person for his first place. She deserves. It’s all thanks to his marvelous silly side, his limitless indecision and his ability to create drama for R. whom I have never met”. I think that says it all.

2. Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

If I had been Veruca Salt’s elementary school teacher, I would have clearly done everything to punish her as soon as possible, she’s such an unbearable kid. Besides being spoiled rotten, she is rude, disrespectful and temperamental. Horror movie idea: you give birth to your first child and it’s Veruca Salt. Horrible.

3. Peter Parker dans Spider-Man : No Way Home

In the last Spider-man, Peter Parker spends his time making the wrong decisions. Kind even when we ask him which quiche he wants to eat, he chooses the one with leek when he is allergic. Because of that, he’s screwing everyone up, he’s turning the world of the multiverse upside down (and SPOILER ALERT, he’s kind of the cause of a character’s death). In addition, because of him, it’s going into a spin because he wants people to forget that he is Spider-Man EXCEPT his girl, his best friend, the Avengers, his aunt, his teacher of CM1, the dog of the Local homeless… In short, horrible person.

4. Antoine in The Little Handkerchiefs

The guy breaks the balls of all his friends by constantly texting his ex while they are on vacation. And “What do you think she means when she writes this to me?” and “Is it okay if I write it like that”, and SHUT UP! Never invite him on a trip with you to the Drôme, you will regret it very quickly.

5. Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

He may be a nice guy, but Jack Sparrow still does a lot of shenanigans all the time behind people’s backs, which doesn’t make him the most appreciable. And he moves from one camp to another to serve his own ends. A real weather vane with an East wind.

6. Caledon Hockley dans Titanic

If anyone should have sunk in the Titanic, it was that filthy bastard Caledon Hockley. In addition to treating his girl like crap, he also acts like a dirty shitty bourgeois. Let’s not forget either his big bastard move when he stings a child in a corner pretending it’s his just to be the first to get into a canoe and save his skin. Yes, I am violent, but it is well deserved.

7. Troy dans High School Musical

Hello, I am a random high school student who thinks he is the star of the school and who thinks he is going to have a mega career in the NBA when I have trouble shooting three points. I like to impose my shitty choices on others, even on my mim girl and I don’t get any recognition. I am Bolton. Troy Bolton.

8. Umbridge in Harry Potter

The real villain of Harry Potter is not Voldemort, far from it. It’s Dolores Umbridge, the most detestable character of all time. Besides being a horrible mean person, she is extremely vicious and pulls off the worst stuff in the world with a smile that kills hair. She also mistreats children and loves denunciation. But above all, she wears hideous pink that makes us all gerbos. I hate her.

9. Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Gray

Anastasia Steele is truly the most gnan-gnan character in the history of silliness. Which makes it extremely infuriating. Just for that, she fully deserves her place in the rankings.

10. Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings

Frodo Baggins could have just traced his route to go burn the ring in the fire, but no, instead, this fat weakling lets himself be manipulated by a guy no one would trust. And after that, he dares to misbehave with the other hobbits and act hyper selfish and stupid every second of his existence. Me, in Gandalf’s place, I would have already thrown him two, three strokes of my magic wand to make him stop busting our balls.

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