Top 10 mistakes not to make with your bed (I promise, it’s important)

At Topito, we care a lot about the well-being of our readers. And you may not know that good health starts with a well-rested body and mind. So, in terms of sleep-dodo-bedding-rest advice, we give ourselves a max. We have already told you about tips for sleeping well and misconceptions about sleep. So, inevitably, it was time that we approached with you a key element of the subject: the bed.

1. Make your bed in the morning

BUT WHAT? All his years investing us for nothing??? According to one study, carried out by researchers at London’s Kingston University, making your bed in the morning is simply bad for your health. The reason: the beds are real nests for mites and bacteria of all kinds. When we make our bed, we lock all that gross stuff up in our sheets. Hey. For the manic team, know that you can still fold your duvet on itself. From the side of the lazy team… It’s just really good news!

2. Put your bed anywhere, as long as it’s pretty

It’s a question of feng shui, in fact! According to feng shui principles, the bed should face east, the side where the sun rises, or north. This would facilitate waking up, and avoid insomnia and migraines. Afterwards, if you live in a 10 square meter, your bed is also your sofa and your desk, well… You are brave, and that’s already quite enough.

3. Buy your bed on the internet

OR without testing it (but if you resist the urge to pounce on it on the shelves, before you get your wallet, you’re just not human, really). It’s logic. Before choosing the partner who will accompany your nights for years, you start by testing the goods, if you see what I want to say.

4. Choose the hardest mattress in the strip

No offense to your grandmother who certainly advised you to take the hardest possible mattress, it’s an urban legend! Quality does not rhyme with firmness (well, literally it rhymes, but in fact, no. Do you understand?). Bedding that is too firm will not follow the curves of your body and will promote pressure points at shoulder and pelvic height. Consequence: impaired blood circulation, tingling and pain in the back. Be careful to choose a happy medium! A mattress that is too soft will not provide the support needed to align your spine. Not phew either. I know, I’m not helping you at all here. I’ve got you all in big trouble, huh?

5. Make yourself a handcrafted box spring out of pallets

You can make a lot of pallet stuff, but not a bed. I know, it’s eco-friendly and really cocooning, but also very bad for your little back. Good bed = good mattress + good box spring. That’s all. It’s like that. The bed base is the “shock absorber” of your bedding. In good condition, it dampens a third of body movements and increases the life of your mattress (which took you 12 years to choose). For everything to go well, bedding brands generally advise you to change your box spring and mattress at the same time. After… Logic. They want to sell, what… NO BUT YOU THINK WE ARE SO EASILY ASLEEP…RRRRRRzzzzzRRRRzzzz

6. Never change beds

I know, after having struggled so much to find the perfect box spring/mattress assembly, your bed, you intend to keep it for a long time. The longest time possible. Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s NO. Your union with your stake must not exceed the marriage of Pewter, namely: 10 years. 3650 nights. To motivate you to take the plunge, note that, according to studies, changing bedding promises better sleep and more pleasure under the duvet. Still not convinced? Remember that a couple, after a decade, offers their mattress about 3000 liters of perspiration. Good stinky sweat. Yum, that makes you want to.

7. Never flip your mattress

According to the Compagnie du Lit, you have to turn your mattress about four times a year, at each change of season. First, because some have a summer side and a winter side. Then, it avoids wear. Finally, it makes the biscotos. What a positive, in fact.

8. Changing your sheets too infrequently

“We have to change the sheets every how long?” “: an existential question that has already been answered. But I’m nice, so I’ll tell you again: every week, if you shower in the morning. Every 15 days, if you are an evening shower team. A word to half of the single guys who only change them every 4 months (according to this survey): Yuck.

9. Landing dressed in/on

Or put his friends’ coats on it in the evening. It’s filthy. If the bacteria and all the shit that we carry around on our clothes could be seen with the naked eye, believe me, you would not want it. After, go there, if it makes you like. You’ll be less clever when you’re infested with bed bugs and the only solution is to set fire to your apartment (I’m hardly exaggerating).

10. Crack your PEL to buy a new bed

As the only, the great, the unique, the intrepid Patoche Sébastien says: ” It’s not worth buying a new mattress if the credit you took out to pay for it keeps you awake.“. Deep as reflection. Not completely fair, since you will still have to buy a new mattress every 10 years, but the idea is there: if the price asks for a credit, go your way. Exorbitant price does not mean quality.

11. Bonus: jump on it like crazy

Unless you like blasting slats. A rather unusual kiff.

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