Top 10 millionaires who act like kids, stupid purchases

In life we ​​all dream of being rich and those who say the opposite are either already rich or completely stupid. The problem is that once you’re broke, you quickly don’t know what to do with it, so you start to crack and pay for stupid things that look like the big whims of children. We therefore invite you to see some of the completely stupid stuff that millionaires have bought, just to spend their money.

1. A gigantic house on the roof of a building

If you ask a five-year-old where he would like to build his palace, chances are he’ll end up saying “on top of a building” because that’s just stupid. But it’s the dream of millionaires who are big kids, so it’s already been bought. Personally, I think the ideal place to build your palace is on an aircraft carrier: it’s flat and it moves. Then don’t be bothered by the noise.

2. An island with its name engraved on it

Yes, because owning an island is not enough, you have to be able to read from the sky who owns it. This is what a billionaire from Abu Dhabi wanted, who hired a team to carve the name Hamad into the ground for more than a kilometer. Plus the stuff is deep enough for the water from the waves to pour into it. The mega class.

3. Million dollar fishing bait

How to combine his passion for fishing with his passion for gold and diamonds? Simply by having a million-dollar fishing bait made with more than 4,000 diamonds and rubies. Huge stuff and probably impractical but if it’s worth that much it’s cool.

4. A vacuum cleaner covered in Swarovski crystals

Difficult to find a meaning to this object: a vacuum cleaner covered with crystals, it is nevertheless an object sold by the brand Electrolux in partnership with Swarovski and lots of rich people bought it. They’re probably not even the ones using it, but it’s always cooler to know that you can vacuum with a piece of jewelry than to give away money to the needy.

5. Gold pills (to shit gold)

We come to the most useless thing of all: pills that contain gold leaf that you can swallow in order to cover your toilet in gold (by the way, you can also buy yourself a gold toilet). People are starving in the world but companies manage to sell this shit to rich people who no longer know what to do with their millions, it’s beautiful it’s so ugly.

6. A haircut

The Sultan of Brunei has had his hair and beard trimmed by the same person for over 16 years, and that person has his shop in London. This means that every 3-4 weeks, the hairdresser travels first class to do the Sultan’s hair while being paid $24,000 per trip. During his stay he is also lodged and fed at the expense of the Sultan who clearly has money to fuck up.

7. An iPhone for 200,000 dollars

You find theIphone too expensive ? In addition, you tell yourself that after two years it is already outdated and the battery lasts less than an eight-year-old child during a drinking contest? Well it didn’t bother a millionaire at all who had had a Iphone 5 covered in gold and diamonds, because a phone that costs $200,000 is necessarily better.

8. A gold shirt

This is the tragic story of Datta Phuge, an Indian millionaire who bought the most expensive shirt in the world for $213,000 (a record recorded in the Guinness Book). Entirely covered in gold and whose buttons were themselves real gold jewellery. Well, the garment weighed almost 4 kilos so it was not very practical to wear and one day Phuge was robbed and murdered by thieves so it’s sad, but getting a gold shirt is very stupid as an idea.

9. A sextoy in gold

Having fun with a golden dildo is possible and it doesn’t cost “that much” since you can find one for around $15,000. It is absolutely useless compared to a normal dildo, but at least you will be able to tell those around you that you have sex with someone golden.

10. A $3.2 million dog collar

There at least we have someone who does not think only of his face but of others. Well, it turns out that the others are just his dog, but at least he gave his little companion a necklace that costs more than a luxury villa in a heavenly place. The dog probably doesn’t care, but that’s secondary.

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