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Top 10 idols of our youth who went really bad

Do you remember the stars of the 2000s? Well some of them didn’t all turn out well. And we are not talking to you about people who have sunk into drugs, alcohol or depression because we are not puffs, but rather about those who have started to make more than questionable remarks. Great thanks guys, you just ruined our childhood.

1. The TATU singer turned homophobic

In an interview conducted a few years ago, the singer Yulia Volkova had a rather strong tendency to speak ill of homosexuality. She was thus able to say that she refused that her son was gay, that men were created by God to reproduce. Afterwards she is nice she still declared “Gay is still less serious than being a murderer, a thief or a drug dealer. »

2. Francis Lalanne who became antivax

And to think that he was twice in the Top 50 of the gold record (in 87 and in 92). Like what you can have long hair and be a big sucker boomer.

3. Dieudonné who completely got rid of it

We are not going to redo the list of his escapades since he elected Jean-Marie Le Pen as his daughter’s godfather, but between the openly anti-Semitic remarks, the embezzlement, and the false solidarity insurance that he put in place we can say that he has accumulated a few small saucepans.

4. Véronique Genest who talks nonsense on Twitter

It’s very simple, I can’t take it anymore. Between her Islamophobic remarks and her support for the presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, I think that Julie Lescaut should better end up in the closet.

5. Doc Gyneco when he supported Sarkozy

Well, as he said afterwards: he got screwed. Come on, let’s forgive him. We forgive less the fact that he was perpetrator of domestic violence.

6. Kanye West who started supporting Donald Trump

How did this guy who is one of the most influential in the world, the one whose three albums are in the ranking of the 500 greatest albums of all time according to Rolling Stone, end up supporting Donald Trump? Difficult to determine the origin. Some assume that it was Obama’s multiple tackles against him that pushed him towards the most fecal opposition, but is that really enough to explain this reversal? No. Can his psychiatric disorders explain it further? Maybe.

7. JK Rowling who screwed up the LGBTQI+ turn a bit by making terf comments on Twitter

It’s stupid because we liked her, but she started talking nonsense on Twitter and rather than apologizing and being forgotten a little, she insisted that a man should not couldn’t become a blablabla woman. She thus joins the friendly community of terf, that is to say feminists who exclude trans people from their fight.

8. Brigitte Bardot who has globally lost all form of soul

BB is unfortunately part of the sad list of homophobic stars. Yes, it’s been a while since she lost finesse, declaring as follows: “Some homosexuals have always had a more subtle taste and talent (…) until it all degenerates into low-level fags”. So obviously it went moderately and she tried to catch up with this new statement which leaves us cautious “I find it a pity for all homosexuals that some of them are marginalized, claiming rights, ridiculing and parodying during Gay pride a sexual preference that no one disputes. Personally, I find Pacs useless, but once again I don’t care. Well, if you don’t care, why are you actually talking?

9. Allison Mack became number 2 in a crazy cult.

The Smallville star actress had the good taste to join the NXIVM sector in 2017, thus being directly subordinate to Keith Raniere, a real guru bastard who recruited women to make them sex slaves.

Credits photo (CC BY-SA 2.0) : Allison_Mack_at_ComicCon_2009.jpg: Kristin Dos Santos from Los Angeles, California, United States

10. Gérard Depardieu who became Gérard Depardieu

The guy surprises us even more that he is friends with Poutine (support on which He came back during the war in Ukraine I would like to clarify), it piss in bottles on planehe admittedly supported Sarkozy but later said that he was drunk at the meeting.

You can’t really say it went wrong. We can say that he turned. And not even badly done.

These stars are like milk, they have gone bad.

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