Top 10 horror movies that traumatized us the most in our childhood

So first of all first one: kids aren’t supposed to watch horror movies what the fuck? In short, apart from the fact that I discover that we all had irresponsible parents, your contributions have been rich in trauma. We feel that your nightmares have been fed by these horrible works.

Editor’s note, we are aware that we have not all seen the same children’s films in relation to the fact that we were not all children at the same time. So be a little open minded.

1. It

We start with the basics. You’re freaking me out. Who kills children. While we are children! Obviously we’re freaked out for life after seeing this shit. Yes because the first version of That in vain to have traumatized us, it is all the same a beautiful crap, I like so much that you look at the remake. Even if it means going to see a shrink for the rest of your life, as much as it’s because of a good movie.

2. Blair Witch

Norman at the same time. The thing completely breaks the codes of the classic horror film by adopting the found footage genre and when we thought it would be much easier to watch we all refused to set foot in a forest afterwards.

3. Birds

“Boaaah it’s an old movie it shouldn’t be scary”. HAHA but who are the idiots who could have thought that one day? Hitchcock as a good master of anxiety made us a set of films as brilliant as creepy. The birds are among the essentials and should make you look at any pigeon with a bad eye.

4. The Exorcist

There was a time to shout “Your mother sucks cock in hell!” » in the playground was not seen as an insult but rather as proof of a great cinephilia. Here again, the exorcist traumatized generations of young children who saw fit to watch a film whose heroine is a little girl, who could think of harm?

5. Chucky

A film about dolls for children, it’s necessarily harmless, isn’t it? BAH NON GÉRARD (yes it was Gérard who was talking, completely stupid this guy). Chucky is absolute horror and it took eight films to convince us of that.

6. Mars Attacks!

Not really a horror movie but not really a children’s movie either. A lot of scenes in this movie completely mindfucked our brains, starting with the lady swapping bodies with her dog.

7. The Gremlins

Here again the initial error was to believe that the Gremlins was a children’s movie. When you see the face of the monsters in the movie and how it goes in the balls, it’s a safe bet that Joe Dante did NOT imagine that it was for kids.

8. The Sixth Sense

A little boy who clearly started the trend of “seeing people who are dead”

9. The Fly

David Cronenberg has made (almost) only great films, including Fly. The dark tale of a scientist who tests teleportation but crashes and teleports as a fly also squats in his cabin. Enough to calm children’s desires for teleportation, let me tell you.

10. Jurassic Park

Another dark story of nasty critters that are supposed to have disappeared from the face of the planet and that a dumb guy is trying to recreate to see his grandkids get their asses eaten. MARRY.

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