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Top 10 groups we would like to have at the 2022 World Cup

Today is the World Cup draw, and we’ve come up with some scenarios for you that might be pretty cool to watch.

No stress, I let you make your best bets with these crazy words.

1. The group “The cat to Deschamps”

And there, we would pop the champagne before even having played a match, and it is this arrogance that would make us lose.

No really, let’s not keep an eye out, if we’re in this group, little Dédé will be very happy, and so will we.

Picture credits: Topito

2. The band “we’ll play it on FIFA instead”

Sorry for our Italian, Algerian or Swedish friends, you will hear about this until the next World Cup (unless you still don’t qualify, then it will be worse).

Picture credits: Topito

3. The “nightmare of Zemmour” group

We want to see this band just for Zemmour to face a heart attack, pray hard for it to happen please. For the good of all.

Picture credits: Topito

4. The group “Margotton will struggle with names”

Šime Vrsaljko, Waleed Bakshween or Amirhossein Hosseinzadeh, here are Croatian, Saudi and Iranian players, enough to make Margotton panic as soon as we read the first letters, we really want to hear that.

Picture credits: Topito

5. The “impossible you know why” group

Well, no need for comment, you understood why it was going to be hot this year. Too bad we would have liked to see the NATO team play.

Picture credits: Topito

6. The group “We’re going to watch especially after the group stages because it’s boring”

Might as well go straight to the slightly interesting stuff if you find yourself in a group like this. Although perhaps we could come across some incredible reversals of situations… everything is to be expected in football.

Picture credits: Topito

7. The group “Scary All Star”

AAAAH Vade retro satana !!!! If we fall into this group, I might as well tell you that I’m going to have a tachycardia attack, and you too, don’t lie, I can already see the sweat beading on your forehead.

Picture credits: Topito

8. The group or at least it will speak French

Why bother? In point 4 we could see Margotton struggling, and well at least in this one there will be no problem. In addition everyone will understand each other on the ground, it is still simpler. After finding themselves against Switzerland after the trauma of the Euro… yeah to see.

Picture credits: Topito

So ? We do the job better than Fifa, don’t we?

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