Top 10 good reasons to hunt drunk, yes we have the right

We thought that alcohol was forbidden during the hunt, and then we learned a few days ago that it was not yet the case. Alcohol and weapons. Calm. Well, well, even if it means going all out, you might as well see the good sides of being totally burned during a hunting party. Take out the bottles of red that stain.

1. It gives you a lot of courage to kill animals that didn’t ask for anything

Taking the life of a living being, for a normally constituted person, is something quite traumatic. But with 2g of alcohol in each arm, we are all capable of doing stupid things, like paying for a bottle of vodka at 600 bucks, telling our friends that we love them or killing deer.

2. We support better the jokes of rednecks from friends

Hunter humor is something. Something not phew. So it’s better to cloud your mind a lot to succeed in believing that Thierry’s gritty stories are funny.

3. Spice things up

Is it a deer? Is it a walker? Suspense: we will discover that by going to look for the corpse! This makes hunting parties much more fun. Finally “fun”… fun for people who like to hunt what.

4. It’s warming up in the forest at 5 a.m.

Who says outdoor recreation says it can be cold. Who says it’s cold says you have to warm up. Now, when one is well stuffed to the marrow, one is no longer cold. Okay, that’s half wrong, because alcohol ends up cooling the body, but by chaining glasses at a good pace, there’s a way to stay warm for a while.

5. You can put game to sleep with your breath

Very quickly, wild boars, pheasants and other partridges will see their reflexes as well as their speed reduced. It will be easier to approach them to knock them out at close range. What joy.

6. You find everyone you meet very beautiful

The problem is, they’re boars and you’re trying to shove them. You really sucked too much there.

7. It’s harder to aim, so you’re even happier when you hit the target

We can say that it is a constraint that makes the activity even more challenging and fun. You can also try to get drunk in other areas than hunting. Drunk, you can try to perform heart surgery, juggle knives or meet your in-laws for the first time. Long live the danger.

8. There are plenty of trees to relieve the overflow of beer

Trees are for one thing only: to piss on. A good reason to chain the cans of Kro to have a full bladder. To have so many trees at hand and not even baptize them with urine would be a waste.

9. If you don’t touch game, you will at least have drunk

When you hunt drunk, you never come home completely empty-handed: you come back with a high blood alcohol level, a liver on the brink of agony and a future hangover. It’s better than nothing.

10. Because we’ve always done this

And you don’t see why we would suddenly change.

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