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Top 10 Funny Tweets About Authors Who Describe Women Anyhow

Do you like to read? Do you like ordinary sexism? This top is for you. With the help of Bored pandawe have found the best excerpts from books (written by men otherwise it wouldn’t be fun).

1. Put handcuffs on him

“Her blouse rested on her chest as they loomed up like meerkats, one after another. Her long hair kissed the top of her ass which looked like two buttered brioche buns ready for dinner. Her turnip-red lips called to me, “Caresse me!” ” they said-

Art Police: Sir, please. »

2. We ask ourselves the question

– Why does male country music sound like “sexy chicks in mini-shorts, I’ll make you my wife, I’ll make you carry my kids…porch…family values…pans” and female country music is like “Oops I killed my husband”.

3. We should learn from it

– I find that novels written by men are very realistic. They are always thinking about giving boobs a conscience. Insolent chest, hungry chest…I feel guilty myself for not including this more in my writing, I’m trying to improve myself.

4. We thank them

Female character: Are you saying that because I’m a WOMAN? Well, let me tell you, Mr. I-Has-a-Penis, we WOMEN can be as strong and ruthless as you, sir!

Screenwriter: Ooo yes it’s gold.

5. There is truth

“I pressed the bell and a happy voice told me he was on his way. The voice belonged to a chubby, round-faced woman, the type to develop an ironclad optimism because the only alternative is suicide. »

6. The kind of book that makes my eyes and boobs roll

“No Craig, I want a wrong answer. Noelle rolled her eyes. I believe her breasts also rolled synchronously. Girls boobs are so amazing.

7. We kiss him

“I have a penchant for pretty girls who have psychiatric problems. »

8. I wish I had found these words

“Her breasts were moving neurodivergently”

9. Bomb Threat

“17 years old and criminally pretty, Nikki Robinson sulked during this sweltering afternoon, preventing herself from consulting her pink phone. »

10. Never seen an article contradict itself in so few words

“TJ Miller’s wife is starting to make a name for herself in New York”

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