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Top 10 films with only one actor (or almost), the casting director was on vacation

For some films we remember memorable roles with only a few minutes on screen and for others there is an actor or an actress who remains alone in front of the camera throughout. It’s essentially thanks to these kinds of differences that we manage to see films that don’t look alike, because imagine for a second if all the films were the same and the basic model was The little handkerchiefs ? Yeah, that would hurt the balls. While you’re wondering if you’ve ever read an introduction as shitty as this at some point in your life, I’m going to start this top, we’ll meet at the end to talk about it.

1. “Alone in the world” – Tom Hanks

Yes, of course, it’s the first film that comes to mind, and yet we quickly forget Wilson’s incredible performance on the ball. But for the rest there is 90% of the film which takes place with Tom Hanks and essentially Tom Hanks alone and the guy almost manages to make us forget that there are no other actors. Well after that it’s mainly a giant advertisement for FedEx coupled with a remake of Robinson Crusoe, not enough to shit chestnuts on the Christmas turkey as my grandmother used to say.

2. “Moon” – Sam Rockwell

There are sometimes riddles to which there are no answers, such as “how do pasta makers stuff ravioli?” or “Why did Sam Rockwell’s career never take off?” when this guy is monstrous. In Moon he is the only actor to appear on screen, accompanied at times by the voice of Kevin Spacey who plays a robot. Unfortunately I can’t spoil the story for you, but watch this movie.

3. “Locke” – Tom Hardy

For an hour and a half the guy is in his car and he drives. I assure you that is what is happening. Well, there are other actors who talk to him on the phone so it’s fine, it adds some interactions, but apart from that he drives and he doesn’t even do a slot, so it’s not very credible as a film. However, he plays Tom Hardy really well and he’s also handsome and his car seems to smell brand new. I don’t even tell you when he adjusts his GPS, I get hairy just talking about it.

4. “Buried” – Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, a casket, a phone. Here you have the three protagonists of the film, knowing that Ryan Reynolds takes turns playing all three without us noticing, probably thanks to his young years when he worked as an exhibition telephone in a Bouygues store Télécom du Havre to pay for his acting school. Apart from that, he manages to grab you while mainly lying down, which is a very complicated feat.

5. “Gravity” – Sandra Bullock

There is a finding that comes quickly in Gravity : George Clooney was billed for playing ten minutes. Everything that happens after concerns the talented Sandra Bullock who manages to transport us while the camera movements give us the sheaf, a rather remarkable feat. A film that doesn’t make you want to go into space at all, but at the same time it’s not as if it were the kind of places you could reach easily by taking the A4 towards Lille.

6. “127 Hours” – James Franco

Know that at the base the film really lasted 127 hours, but following test screenings where people gnawed their own knees because of hunger we decided to shorten it. Still, Franco delivers a great performance there, almost always being alone on the screen with his big rock. Well, there’s a lot of flashbacks with other characters so it’s not a film with a single cast and the rock is played by the fabulous Francis Huster, chameleon of the French boards, but it still counts.

7. “All is lost” – Robert Redford

Who can sit at Robert Redford’s table and stand up saying “I’ve acted in all his films”? A single person. Robert fucking Redford. And only one person who is Robert Redford is exactly what you will see in this film where not only is he the only one on screen but where in addition there are only 51 words spoken (including 13 times the word rhododendron). If you like acting and boats then this movie is for you.

8. “Pi’s Odyssey” – Suraj Sharma

Since we’re talking about boats and actors lost in the ocean, it’s time to talk about Life of Pi. Yes, there are quite a few other actors in it at the start and during flashbacks, but for 70% of the film it’s all about young Suraj Sharma and a CGI tiger, and the actor’s performance is everything quite appreciable. What else can you say about this film except that the image is magnificent and that, surprisingly, it was shot at the Fontainebleau leisure centre.

9. “The Shallows” – Blake Lively

I’m a little pissed off because I clearly haven’t seen this film, I’m even going to tell you everything I had never heard of it. And I’m even going to tell you more, it was I who peed on Madame Brunier’s carpet when I was 5 years old, not the cat. Anyway, it seems that Blake Lively does a lot of shit in this film where she portrays a surfer who fights a shark on her board, or something like that, I don’t know which of the two is actually a surfer. Watch the trailer if my description doesn’t suit you, I don’t put them in the article to look pretty.

10. “Man Push Cart” – Ahmad Razui

It’s the story of a guy who pushes a super heavy cart down a Manhattan avenue, inspired by the myth of Sisyphus (a guy who pushes a rock all day to get it up a hill and does it again the next day because the rock has come back down). We discover a bit of the story of this brave guy as the film progresses, and the performance is really cool, not to mention the title (a man pushing a cart) which is probably the least misleading title in the world.

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