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Top 10 favorite French companies

This year again, Ifop has produced its ranking of the favorite companies of the French. To carry out the survey, the polling company questioned more than 3,000 people, based on a representative sample of the population, and by submitting to them a list of 77 companies made in France. They had to rate them according to 7 criteria: performance, innovation, employer brand, contribution to the daily lives of French people, the ability to give a good image of France, CSR and the tiling pattern present in the stores ( the last criterion was super important). Each company got a score out of 20 like at school, here are the top 10 in the class.

1. Decathlon

The score obtained: 12,27/20

What the French like: their innovative products and services, the management of the company (in 15th place in the Forbes ranking of companies in which it is good to work in 2022) and its eco-responsible efforts. The least that can be said is that Decathlon has not stolen its place as leader: the company comes first both among those under 35 and among their elders, the inhabitants of Ile-de- France than in the provinces, and active than inactive.

What we REALLY like: their blue linoleum, and do all those things we all do at Decathlon, like testing all the trampolines in the department.

2. Peugeot

The score obtained: 11,55/20

What the French like: if Ifop does not dwell more than that on the qualities pointed out by the French, the survey of the YouGov institute (relating to the favorite car brands of the French) places it at the top of the ranking for: its quality / price ratio and user satisfaction. This could also be explained by the attachment of the French to historical brands.

What we REALLY like: burn out our full capacity to drift on the asphalt. That’s true.

Credits photo : Peugeot / Reproduction: Kilyann Le Hen

3. Leclerc

The score obtained: 11,42/20

What the French like: several points bring E. Leclerc to the third step of the podium: the supermarket enjoys the best score in terms of impact on the French economy, and is now one of the companies that contribute the most to improving the daily lives of French people. In particular, it benefits from certain measures, such as the anti-inflation shield (it looks like a superhero thing but in fact it’s a lot more boring thing on paper), and offers attractive prices (it seems like that means sexy prices with which we would like to do it, but in fact it is a lot more boring thing on paper) on many products.

What we REALLY like: nothing. Everyone hates shopping and bumping into all the gossips in the neighborhood between two cans of cooked lentils. Hell on earth.

4. Leroy Merlin

The score obtained: 11,42/20

What the French like: if Leroy Merlin wins third place, tied with Leclerc, it is thanks to his daily utility. The company also slipped into second place among the most innovative companies. In particular, it has developed digital tools to reduce household energy consumption. But Leroy Merlin, do you want a medal or what?

What we REALLY like: this majestic name, which associates both royalty and a bearded magician, while in the end… It’s a box that sells furniture in kits. They really take us for idiots.

5. Renault

The score obtained: 11,33/20

What the French like: According to the results of the survey, the car manufacturer is particularly well rated for its impact on the French economy and its ability to project a good image of the country.

What we REALLY like: winnow all the girls who are called Mégane, asking them if their surname isn’t “Renault”. For the Renault Megane. You have it ?

6. EDF

The score obtained: 11,26/20

What the French like: despite the current energy crisis, EDF manages to stay in the same place in the ranking as in 2021 and that is surprising. If this is surely linked to the price freeze, the other companies in the energy sector have plummeted. Engie, for example, lost 7 places.

What we REALLY like: when they forget to charge us. (No, that never happens. But let us dream.)

7. Yves Rocher

The score obtained: 11,20/20

What the French like: believe it or not, lots of people want to work at Yves Rocher, especially for its involvement in environmental protection.

What we REALLY like: that they wish us our birthday every year even before our own mother.

8. Michelin

The score obtained: 11,16/20

What the French like: according to the data collected, Michelin is asserting itself as a company capable of offering innovative products or services (like their famous bouncing tires, very useless of course but very innovative, it must be recognized). The company remains in the same place as last year.

What we REALLY like: their mascot. Even if we never really understood what it represented.

Credits photo : Michelin

9. Citroën

The score obtained: 11,03/20

What the French like: 3 places gained in the rankings in one year, for the third car manufacturer in this top 10! With the exception of the “environmental involvement” criterion (where the company still has progress to make, such as stop making its famous seats made of skinny polar bear skin).

What we REALLY like: the emotional memory of our darons who came to pick us up at school with their rotten Xantia. The stupor of wondering how it still rolls in 2022.

10. Airbus

The score obtained: 10,88/20

What the French like: biggest climb of this top 10! Between 2021 and 2022, Airbus has gained 5 places in the ranking! Yet when you look at the breakdown of the ratings over three consecutive years, the company has declined in almost every sector. It therefore benefits from the fall of other brands, it’s not very nice to do that Airbus. Especially since it’s not even a brand of bus contrary to what its name suggests, bah great it really misleads us.

What we REALLY like: the fact that it comes from TOULOUUUUUSE. Most beautiful city in France.

Credits photo (Domaine Public) : Airbus SEvector version by BegbertBiggs Own work based on: File:Airbus Group Logo 2014.svg
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