Top 10 fashions of 2022 that have gone too far, it’s abused

We know that fashion is a cycle and that every year, things that have been outdated for 20 years make their comeback in trends. However, we never get used to it and we yell for 3 months before capitulating. After the fanny packs, the bucket hats, the 70s patterns and the thong sticking out of the pants that were all the rage in the fashion category of 2021, here are the new trends that we can’t stand anymore.

1. The great supremacy of the Birkenstocks

They never really left, but this summer they completely flooded the cities with their colorful leather and devilishly comfortable soles. We only saw that (and we only felt that too).

2. The big comeback of the low waist

We’ve been feeling the return of 2000s fashion for several years now, but we didn’t think it would be so bad. After t-shirts with rhinestones and peach-skin joggers, it’s finally the turn of low-waisted jeans to impose themselves again. Do what you want but leave us out of this bullshit.

3. The butterfly shape like in the 2000s

We thought we were getting rid of the omnipresence of denim but no, it’s back in fashion and so are butterfly-shaped clothes. Everyone has their own style, but there you have abused Blumarine.

4. Obsession around Jeffrey Dahmer

At the end of September, Netflix released a series about the life and crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, famous American serial killer and cannibal. Unsurprisingly, some people did anything afterwards, such as dressing up their child as a Dahmer for Halloween. Disgusting.

5. The sleeveless down jacket

The purpose of a down jacket is to keep warm; we totally agree. But in this case, what is the interest of the sleeveless down jacket? You have 6 hours.

6. The 90s heroine chic trend

If the return of 2000s fashion is not hurting anyone (apart from the hair of guys who are going to get bleached peaks), it is totally different for fashion. posh heroine. The goal is to imitate the look of an undernourished junkie with a pale complexion by making it glamorous and it’s downright weird in addition to promoting heroin.

7. The government’s green tips

In September, Macron called for energy sobriety and members of the government wanted to be good students. Except that was downright ridiculous. Between Bruno Le Maire’s turtleneck, Elisabeth Borne’s down jacket and Gilles Le Gendre’s drying rack, it’s hard to choose which resolution was the most pathetic.

8. The end of thick eyebrows

It was the fashion for thick eyebrows for many years and it is now the turn of thin eyebrows to be in vogue again. Please stop setting trends on bits of hair in the middle of the face, we can’t keep up.

9. The Flip Phone

If there’s one person who can’t judge Samsung’s flip phone, it’s me (because I bought it). So yes, it’s completely gadget and it has very few advantages compared to a smartphone that does not fold but it is still cheaper than an iPhone so question yourself.

10. Inflation is good, we understand the delirium

Every year you do the same thing to us with this stupid trend of raising prices, but now it’s getting ridiculous. Almost 100 bucks the Navigo pass? €2.10 the SP95? EIGHTEEN EUROS the Netflix subscription? You want us to go and peel our ass in the street to go on a hunger strike, right???

Alright, we say we’re stopping the costs and we’re all spending the year 2023 at home.

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