Top 10 ends of series that make no sense, had to end quickly

The series are boring, you have to wait 8 or 10 years to finally see the end and all too often you are disappointed. So we will never advise you enough to watch only mini series but for those who still want to believe in traditional series we will warn you about those whose end is either really shitty or completely improbable as it destroys everything we had seen before.

1. Game of Thrones

It seems that a lot of people have already forgotten the end of this series and got used to it, but for another part just thinking about it makes you want to cry. Between the completely silly scene where the characters invent the principle of voting, the one where Daenerys freaks out for no reason and the one where Arya kills the Night King out of nowhere, it all made no sense and just gave the impression that we had no idea how to close.

2. Lost

We can say what we want Lost, there were some very good times. But the end… Damn the end… To learn after all these stories that finally they were all dead from the beginning and that they find themselves in a church to cuddle it was clearly a way of saying “you’ve seen all the seasons the ? Bah in fact that did not exist and we piss you off. »

3. How I met your mother

For once we have the perfect example of the series that does not know how to end. On the one hand by stretching disproportionately throughout 9 seasons always a little more disappointing and caricatural, on the other by offering to its fans who had held on until then a “final series” in the form of total foutage of mouth . Making the mother die in two episodes when it’s been as many seasons as we’ve been waiting to know her to finish Ted with Robin was not crazy and it leaves a bitter feeling of “all that for that? »

4. House of Cards

Well then obviously following the eviction of Kevin Spacey from the series between two seasons it was already special, since we gave the main role to the character of Claire by letting it be understood that her husband had been stubborn. The end of the series shows her as the pregnant President of the United States who is about to start a nuclear war for no reason. Then she kills the guy who killed her husband in his White House office and looks at the camera. So. It ends like that, we don’t know at all what’s going on or even if there will be the famous nuclear war. Incomprehensible and simply useless.

5. House Party

In the house party we are given a completely WTF final episode: the little girl Michelle falls off her horse which sends her to the hospital and where we realize that she has lost her memory. Then it works out more or less oddly, his memory comes back to him and we really wonder why we tried to make people think that a poor kid was going to die to show us the family in the living room in the last shot. Completely strange.

6. Gossip Girl

Having never watched this series myself, it’s a little impossible for me to talk about it properly, but basically I was told that throughout the series we were waiting to find out who the famous gossip girl was and that at the end we understand that it is one of the characters and apparently it is not at all logical and it pisses everyone. Well, not much to add.

7. Lois and Clark

For my people who grew up in the 90s you probably knew the Superman series Lois and Clark. The end is for once really strange since in reality we ended the series in a hurry because of bad audiences. It is learned that Clark cannot have children because of his Kryptonian origins despite the fact that Lois’ parents have just given them a crib. They go to bed, are awakened by the crying of a baby and actually discover that there is one out of nowhere now sleeping in the crib. And they decide to keep it without wondering for a second if it is not someone else’s.

8. Castle

Ok you have to hang on because that’s really strange. The final season of Castle showed us the character and his wife being shot in their own home and holding hands as they lay dying on the ground with no one knowing who attacked them. Except that it was originally supposed to be a cliffhanger for next season. As the channel decided to cancel the series, it nevertheless authorized the filming of an additional scene which therefore comes just after the shooting and does not respond to it at all: we see the couple seven years later with children in the home. No explanation of the shooting, how they solved the case or what.

9. Dexter

If the first seasons of Dexter had entertained us, it must be recognized that the visibly drunk screenwriters were in charge of the last ones and of the botched, expected and very disappointing “final series”. As we hadn’t understood the mechanism of the first seasons, namely a female character who dies so that something happens, the guys decided to kill Dexter’s sister, who is added to the already long list (his lover, his wife, his boss, his shrink). All that for him to end up as a bearded lumberjack in Oregon, we’ve seen it all.

10. Seinfeld

It was weird, and a little incomprehensible. The screenwriters of Seinfeld screwed up a bit by proposing a messy episode in the form of a trial of the main interested parties. It’s moralizing, we forget to laugh and we end the series with a bitter taste in the mouth. The idea wasn’t necessarily bad at first, but it quickly becomes repetitive, expected, and just boring and not funny. Almost everything we didn’t expect to see at the end of this series.

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