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Top 10 dumbest people of the week, episode 178

Hello Hello ! Welcome to the teubés of the week. Get ready for a good batch of idiots, morons, jerks and other ignoramuses. You have the right to laugh, but don’t forget to take a little IQ test to find out if you too deserve to be part of this incredible selection. With that, I leave you, I have to go to NASA to prove that the Moon is a planet. Bye.

1. Wow what is this dystopian Justice?

“A Texas mom lost her home and her job and was threatened with jail after asking her eight-year-old son to walk home alone. »

2. Thousands of seats were empty for the first match of the World Cup

Even if it means killing thousands of workers to build stadiums, the least thing would have been to fill them, right? In addition, the Qataris who do not go to see the match of their own team, it is still a bit strong coffee if you ask me.

3. Ah this country of human rights

“Qatari police confiscated a Brazilian flag from the state of Pernambuco thinking it was an LGBT support flag”

4. Respecting LGBT is just a Western value apparently

Supporter: “Just to inform you, security refuses to let me enter the stadium to watch the USA-Wales match. They say I have to change my t-shirt. »

Qatari: “As a Qatari, I am proud of what happened. I don’t know when Westerners will realize that their values ​​are not universal. There are other cultures with different values ​​that should also be respected. »

5. I take good note of it (no)

“How much to spend to keep a woman (every month)

Hair: $450

Nails: $350

Lashes/waxes: 350

Make-up/skincare: $250

Clothes/shoes: $500

Courses : 500 $

Eat out: $500

Gym membership: $200

Car Maintenance/Gas: $500

Vacation fund: $350

Phone bill: $200

Medical insurance: $400

Sorties : 750 $

Total : 5 300 $ »

6. But what idea to open the doors like that too?

Who did this bastard think he was?

7. But why are the children so drunk?

Really, it looks like their brains aren’t developed yet…oh yeah that must be it.

8. An effective way to gain respect

“My son accidentally colored something blue instead of coloring it green so I told him to color it yellow and when the thing turned green he asked me if I was a witch and I didn’t say no… so now I bet he’ll clean his fucking room. »

9. The human being is actually too complex

“I was sitting in a cafe, minding my own business, but overheard this at the next table. The waitress said something like “So it’s 1 cappuccino with normal milk and a latte with soy milk”

There was a man and a woman, the woman said “Please refrain from using the word normal in such a derogatory way, using this phrase which suggests there is something wrong with the alternative choices”. I didn’t really know what to do, she looked serious. I mean it’s not even funny. She then added “please, can i say a word to your manager?” »

The waitress apologized and made it sound like she actually meant it, went and got another guy, probably the ‘manager’, who then said they were going to take the croissants off the bill as a compliment. excuses. What are your thoughts? Does milk really offend that much? »

10. It’s fairer if it’s both ways

« Men’s Size Chart :

“Between 1m57 and 1m67: a child

Between 1m67 and 1m73: a young boy

Between 1m73 and 1m80: a young man

1m82 and more: a king »

« Women’s Weight Chart :

From 45kg to 58kg: Goddess

From 59 kg to 68 kg: Queen

From 69kg to 77kg: Whale

From 78kg to 86kg: Mammoth

Over 86kg: Ford F-150 Extended 4×4 Cab with Pro Tow Package »

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