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Top 10 dumbest people of the week, episode 163

Hello Hello ! Welcome to the teubés of the week. Get ready for a good batch of idiots, morons, jerks and other ignoramuses. You have the right to laugh but don’t forget to take a little IQ test to find out if you too deserve to be part of this incredible selection. With that, I leave you, I have to go tell my mother that in reality I am not a business law lawyer as I have been making her believe for 5 years. Bye.

1. Uh there’s a time when you can’t defend the indefensible

“_ Our math teacher is a fucking Nazi?!

_ The swastika is not a Nazi symbol, it is derived from a Buddhist symbol, you should just ask. »

2. It’s almost the same person, isn’t it?

“_ I took these photos with my iPhone X, the quality is surreal, it’s as if Leonardo DiCaprio had painted them.

_ Not to be confused with Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DaVinci »

3. How are they going to speak without pronouns?

“Wisconsin school bans LGBT flags and pronouns”

4. Best prank of the week

The guy trolled a good part of the world, and it was magic.

5. Scamming children = the ultimate level of naughtiness

“An 11-year-old child who ran a lemonade stand to make some money was scammed by a man who gave him a fake $100 bill and asked him to give change”

6. She was well brainwashed

“Today at the grocery store, a nice young man offered to help me with my water packs. I told him he must be a good Christian, and he told me he was an atheist. I immediately sensed a cold demonic being in the parking lot. Since then, I pray and rebuke the devil, but I am always afraid that this demon will jump on me. I need all prayer warriors to join me in driving this demon back to hell. I know God says don’t be afraid, but I’m afraid. »

7. We can understand it but it’s stupid all the same

“My 4 year old daughter is furious because she thought we would travel like a fairy [fairy en anglais] and not by ferry”

8. Elon Musk and the robot

“The tool Elon Musk uses to spot bots on Twitter has listed his account as a bot”

9. Back to school for 82% of people

“Which of these planets is the hottest?” »

(Come on, we forgive those who answered Mercury because it is the closest to the Sun)

10. Sad, but also stupid

“I live in my car to win against the housing crisis”

“Living in your car is not ‘winning’ against the housing crisis, it’s the housing crisis winning against you”

If you liked the teubés, you’ll love the champions of the week.

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