Top 10 dumbest people of the week, episode 162

Hello my petanque balls, how are you? Oh yeah, surprise, this week my friend QuentinD left to set up his own golf club, not an association but a real club to play that he had piece by piece by number during 15 years of subscription to Golf Hebdo. So it’s me who’ll take care of the teubés of the week, a small selection of the big internet idiots, so hold on tight, there’s some salty ones this week.

1. People are buying freshwater goldfish to release into the ocean, which is deadly for them

2. The covid conspiracy theorists are really inventive

– Fun Fact: if you rearrange the Delta and Omicron letters you get Media Control

– You can also get Erotic Almond, so what do you mean?

3. He got his nose killed

– What is not a cult but still looks like a cult?

– L’Islam

– Christianity

4. Someone Skipped SVT Classes

If you could rearrange the human body and give breasts any real use other than sex appeal, what power would you give them?

– It’s nine o’clock in the morning and I start my day by telling myself that I won’t hear anything crap today.

– I don’t know… Maybe something amazing like… Feeding the babies??

5. Congratulations they understood the book

– Snowflake students say Frankenstein’s monster was “misunderstood” and is actually a victim.

– But… It’s the book. This is precisely what the whole book is about.

6. Maybe that was just the dumbest idea we could have?

The British Indies tried to get rid of the cobras by offering a bounty for their capture. The locals began to raise cobras and bring them back to the police to collect the famous bounty. The British began to understand and stopped the operation, so the locals released their cobras into the wild, which multiplied their numbers.

7. Better spread

– News flash: Women who are under 18 will have to have their parents’ permission before having an abortion according to a bill proposed by Florida law. Governor De Santis should pass the law.

– If you think women are too irresponsible to make decisions without their parents’ permission, maybe don’t force them to become mothers.

8. He really did not understand the principle of classification

– As I said before, the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world, much higher than China, if anyone has to live in fear of being imprisoned it is Americans.

– Are you completely inventing?? This is a lie.

(by sending the wikipedia page of the incarceration rate in alphabetical order)

9. Worst hack in history

– Hi, it’s micropost, we’re having trouble recovering doné’s fuck xbox, we need another email and bad luck to get you back on doné’s fuck

–, my password is “stupideGamin”

– Oh my god you really fell in the pano, you will get hacked

10. Another one who didn’t understand the principle of percentages

– A survey proves that only 31% of men and 65% of women wash their hands after going to the toilet.

So 96% in total is almost everyone, but you’re going to make your click

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