Top 10 dumbest people of the week, episode 159

Hello Hello ! The calendar couldn’t be clearer on this: it’s Friday, the day of the weekdays. So get ready for a good batch of idiots, morons, jerks and other ignoramuses. You have the right to laugh but don’t forget to take a little IQ test to find out if you too deserve to be part of this incredible selection. With that, I leave you, I have to look elsewhere if I’m there. Bye.

1. Parents like that is tiring

“My 15-year-old son plays basketball and he told me his coach made him do 15 push-ups because he was dissipated. How can I prevent him from abusing him like this in the future? »

2. If the pieces fit, it’s good

“My two-year-old insists that the puzzle should be put together like this”

3. These people matrixed by the internet

“I wish we could use laughing emojis in real life”

“Or you can just laugh”

4. A very serious illness

“I remembered by chance that until the age of 6, I didn’t know how sleep worked. Until that age, I believed that adults could fall asleep on command as soon as they closed their eyes, and since it took me a while to fall asleep, I thought something was wrong, and I I was trying to hide it so I wouldn’t have to go to the doctor. I found out that wasn’t the case only when I confessed to a classmate in elementary school. He told me it was the same for him too. I even convinced him that we both had the same weird disease for a short time before realizing I was wrong. »

5. Nobel Prize in Economics for this person

“_ What is real money?

_ The US dollar, the most valuable currency in the world. $50,000 just makes you a millionaire in London or Paris.

_ …where they use pounds and euros? Two currencies that are worth more than the dollar?

_ The pound is a unit of measurement man, here we are talking about money. »

6. Worst Resume on Earth

A company received a CV where the person wrote “Military wife” as if it were a hiring argument.

7. Poor Woman

“I remember the time a patient’s boyfriend came to see her, he was worried about a lump he found ‘down there.’ The lump turned out to be her clitoris…”


The kid locked himself in the car while his unconscious mother was shopping, and he laughs watching the firefighters trying to get him out. I hope the mother felt very ashamed.

9. Don’t you want 100 balls and a march too? (Yes, it’s an old expression)

“In Texas, a pregnant woman claims the baby in her womb is her passenger after being fined for riding in the carpool lane. »

10. This is why you should never let a kid play with a garden hose.

That will teach him…

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