Top 10 dumbest people of the week, episode 146

Well hello, it’s Friday, and Friday is the day of the teubés. So get ready for a good batch of idiots, morons, jerks and other ignoramuses. You have the right to laugh but don’t forget to take a little IQ test to find out if you too deserve to be part of this incredible selection. With that, I’m off to save the Socialist Party. Bye.

1. No kidding

“How do you recognize an atheist? He’ll tell you he’s an atheist

“Yeah, these atheists wearing their atheist necklaces and their atheist earrings and building gigantic atheist monuments and coming together to shout out loud how much they love atheism and going around the world to different countries to tell people that ‘they should be atheists and make sculptures of the first atheist and paint pictures of the first atheist and shout at random strangers how they love atheism. Yeah. Atheists do that. »

2. When you give lessons, after you have to assume

I promise one day we’ll stop hitting on Pécresse but for the moment it’s too tempting.

3. Maybe it was his way of coming out

“Tony Perkins, the leader of an anti-LGBT hate group who claimed that God uses natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods to punish gay people and their followers, had his own house destroyed by a flood. »

4. Alright little ones, sorry for you

“A 6’3″ broke guy has more innate biological value than a 5’7” doctor/engineer. Its genes took millions of years to develop and managed to persist into the modern era. You will never be able to compete. »

5. Listen to this man with wise words (no)

“I don’t think periods are that painful. I feel like you just have to grow up and get used to it. Crying for that is useless…”

“Why do you think they don’t hurt?” Serious question »

“It happens so often that you just have to get used to it. There’s a time when you really need to grow up. »

6. Small vocabulary problem

“How many American presidents are bilingual? »

“Just Obama, the others were heterosexual. »

“I’m going to ask a tough question, but do you know what bilingual means? »

“It means you’re attracted to same-sex people.” God protects you “

“That means you speak two LANGUAGES. »


“I think calling someone ‘honey’ should be considered sexual harassment when you don’t know the person well. »

“Half of grandmothers would be considered sex offenders”

8. Jail for this gentleman please

” You are good “

“I am also 16 years old”

“Never mind, you’re good”

“So you’re a big jerk”

“No I’m not disgusting you’re just too immature to understand that a 16 year old girl is already big enough”

“Yeah okay I’m ‘immature’ but I’m also ‘big enough’.

9. A valid reason

“Reddit guys, what’s the dumbest reason you got rejected?” »

“I tied a double knot in my shoe and the girl I was seeing didn’t like it”

10. The fun screenshot

“Dude, I dropped my phone. It cracked and the screen is so damaged my mom is going to kill me”

” Show me “


“That’s not how it works”

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