Top 10 dumbest news stories, champions of the week #393

Hello company, today I replace with dignity Timbo who left to milk his dog (he produces small tasty strong cheeses). Don’t worry, I’m going to make it short because my electric scooter is waiting for me in double line: here are the Champions of the week, in other words a few press titles featuring strong extravagant but above all completely stupid olibrius. As usual, thanks to”>Well Named for the helping hand. Well, it was short, I warned you, don’t hold it against me, I beg you.

1. The dumpling: a dad accidentally books a 10 m2 tiny house for 4 adults and two dogs

Topito’s analysis : Holidays are also an opportunity to get closer to friends, so personally I find it perfect.

2. She ends up owning 85 houses instead of just one because of a copy-paste error

Topito’s analysis : From owner to annuitant there is only one Ctrl + V.

3. Italy: a man tested positive for Covid, HIV and monkeypox at the same time

Topito’s analysis : On the other hand, he tested negative for Luck.

4. A Russian tourist takes a selfie on a beach in Crimea and… accidentally reveals strategic information about Moscow’s anti-aircraft defense

Topito’s analysis : Who has this never happened to here? Nobody’s perfect huh.

5. Drunk, a Polish harvester frolicked naked through the vines

Topito’s analysis : I can’t wait to taste this ass. Yes I am a wine lover as well as puns, I like the good things in life, what do you want.

6. A monkey calls the national emergency number, the police arrive at the zoo

Topito’s analysis : Suddenly there were chickens in the zoo.

7. Looking for a store, a 78-year-old woman drives her car to the 2nd floor of a mall

Topito’s analysis : If it can avoid having an army of sellers coming towards you saying: “Can I help you han?? so I do it too.

8. Their two dogs devour their winning lottery ticket, “When I woke up it had been eaten”

Topito’s analysis : Well according to the article they had earned €7.10 so was it really worth making an article about it? The question is valid.

9. Ethiopia: Ethiopian Airlines, two pilots fall asleep mid-flight and forget to land

Topito’s analysis : If they get fired they won’t have stolen it. FLY. About the fact that they fly. In the air. Roh I find you very unreceptive today.

10. He is offered a parachute jump, he lands in a tree on the Grand Boulevard in Lille

Topito’s analysis : It was a wind-poisoned gift. Thank you, that’s all for me, I can now retire because no one will want to hire me after that.

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