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Top 10 Different Types of Glasses and What They Mean About Us

1. Glasses with a cord to hold them

If you’re over 6 and under 70, someone needs to tell you: That cord to hold your glasses on makes you look stupid. We’re not on a boat or climbing a mountain and until proven otherwise, your glasses are not in danger of flying off. So, please, stop walking around with your glasses around your neck if you don’t want to be put in a retirement home.

2. Rectangular glasses with black frames

You’re a bit of a bore and you’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. You most likely have a job that no one dreams of and you dress pretty much the same every day to have a look that matches your glasses.

3. Rimless glasses bought at the supermarket

If you wear rimless glasses with thin metallic temples, we know for a fact that you bought them at the supermarket. You are retired, old age is catching up with you and you refuse to admit that you need an optical check-up. So you bought the first pair you saw without asking yourself any questions and it’s a bit of a shame all the same.

4. Glasses that tint at the first ray of sunshine

If you have these glasses, it is obvious that you are also equipped with many other gadgets to facilitate your daily life. You are a very organized person, maybe even too organized and it becomes almost annoying.

5. Eyeglasses with bright red or bright blue frames

As the ophthalmologist told you that you didn’t have to wear your glasses all day, you chose an original frame with a very flashy color. It must be recognized that this has two advantages: they are much more difficult to lose AND people remember more easily who you are (namely “aaaah Louise, the girl with the red glasses, yes yes, I see!”).

6. Glasses without any correction

You wanted to look serious in your resume photo, and you thought the glasses would give a professional look to your happy little face. The problem is that you are not a serious person at all and the glasses cannot prevent your dismissal if you arrive 3 hours late every day.

7. Round glasses with black frames

You were made fun of all your childhood but you’re stubborn and so you never changed those glasses that go so well on your sweet face. You take your revenge on the college students who called you “Harry Potter” now that round glasses are fashionable, a very nice victory…

8. Scale-patterned frames

When you meet someone who has tortoiseshell glasses, you think there are only two possibilities: this person has a non-existent personality and wants to look like their peers, OR this person doesn’t care about their glasses at all and took them without asking questions. In both cases, we understand and we respect.

9. Triangular cat-eye glasses

If this shape is very popular for sunglasses, it is rarer in prescription glasses. If you’re wearing these atypically shaped glasses, we already know you’re a middle school teacher (don’t pretend). Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments if you are a Spanish or plastic arts teacher, we are interested.

10. The monocle, to give yourself a style

Well that’s enough now, stop being interesting please.

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