Top 10 Details You Didn’t Notice In Red Alert, Pixar’s Latest Marvel

If you like hidden details in Disney movies, you surely liked Red alert. It’s the story of a little girl who becomes a teenager and discovers her true personality because she transforms into a giant red panda when she feels strong emotions. The film is a nice metaphor for puberty and it’s full of well-camouflaged surprises; don’t worry, we’ll help you find them!

1. There are two “Buzz Lightyear” movie stickers on Miriam’s skateboard

It has become a habit: in all Pixar films, a reference to the next film is slipped into the decor. In Ratatouille for example, you could see the cockroach of Wall-E on a wall and in Red alerttwo stickers on Miriam’s skateboard are from the upcoming Pixar Buzz Lightning. We can see the robot cat which will be an important character of the film and the logo of Star Command, the space station from which comes Buzz.

2. A restaurant sign is named after the short film “Bao”

The film’s director, Domee Shi, wrote and directed the short film. Bao, the story of a little bao who comes to life and behaves like a child. In the street of Toronto’s Chinatown in Red alertwe can read the name “Bao” on the sign of a restaurant and it is exactly the same typography as in the short film.

3. Mei has a “Purl” character keychain.

Do you remember Purl, the little ball of yarn that arrives in a new office in the short film of the same name? A keychain bearing her likeness hangs on Mei’s desk in her bedroom.

4. The face on Mei’s plate is a reference to “Mulan”

When Mei’s mom tries to cheer her up, she cooks her breakfast with fried egg eyes and a smile. This moment reminds us of the breakfast that Mushu makes in Mulan.

5. Carter is wearing an Escápula de “Coco” band t-shirt.

Carter, the college hallway hottie, wears a t-shirt from a music group called Escápula. This group, it comes from the movie Coco ; they are seen performing during the music competition in the land of the dead.

6. Abby’s reaction to seeing the panda is the same as Agnes in “Despicable Me”

If you have already seen Me, ugly and mean, you must remember Agnès’s reaction when she “wins” the unicorn soft toy from the carnival. When Mei turns into a red panda in front of her friends in Red alert, Abby has the exact same reaction. Too cute.

7. There’s a Nemo sticker on the bathroom door.

A classic that we never get tired of: there are almost always hidden references to the film The world of Nemo in Pixar movies. Whether it’s a figurine, a sticker, a drawing or a mobile for children, there is bound to be a clownfish somewhere.

8. Pixar’s famous ball is in the pool at Tyler’s

Sometimes mistakenly equated with Toy Story, Pixar’s bullet comes from the very first Disney animated short: Luxo Jr.. It is also in this film that we see for the first time the Pixar lamp, called Luxo. In Red alertthe ball floats quietly in the pool on Tyler’s birthday.

9. Pizza Planet’s van is parked on the side of the road.

Pizza Planet’s delivery truck is an “easter egg” from the movie Toy Story which we find since in almost all Pixar films. In Red alertit is simply parked on the side of the road but it can sometimes be found as a toy or as a pattern on clothing.

10. The code “A113” appears twice in the movie

The last hidden detail that is very often found in Pixar animated films is the code “A113”. In fact, this number was of a classroom in the CalArts school where the first Pixar animators worked together. In the latest Pixar, we find these numbers on the stadium’s line plotter and on the concert tickets for the 4*Town.

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