Top 10 departments that use Tinder the most

Tinder loves leaderboards. Good for us too! Especially when they talk about making kisses and other improvised tastes. Thus, according to a recent survey of their users, some departments would have the swap easier than elsewhere. And not necessarily where one might think, the big cities being noticed by their absence.

This top will be illustrated by very sexually exciting landscapes, get ready.

1. Finistere

The Bretons have the slab! From Brest to Concarneau, and from Roscoff to the aptly named Ile de Sein, singles have it easy to swap. 4.3% of the population, or 40,533 people, would thus regularly use the Tinder application to warm up on long winter evenings, confinement and more if you like. And again, this statistic does not count those who prefer to match discreetly without showing off at the first survey.

2. The Hautes-Pyrenees

Instead of the Finisterians, I would be wary of the Hauts-Pyrenees who are stuck just behind in this ranking of the biggest users of Tinder. With their lustful gaze and sweaty hands, these mountain dwellers would not only have wise intentions. Nearly 4% of them would go from time to time to satisfy their penchant for lust on the dating app… A small sin without too many consequences, especially when you live only a few miles from Lourdes.

3. Haute-Vienne

For once deep France has never assumed its nickname so much. On the side of Limoges, we don’t have the sea, nor the (high) mountains, nor the frenzy of the big cities, but we have a more developed sense of the human being than elsewhere. The Haut-Viennois are epicureans, real people who have a taste for others, especially when it only lasts for a short evening.

4. Ile-et-Vilaine

Naughty but not that much, the people of Rennes love their neighbour, especially if he has a nice profile picture on Tinder. And too bad if in real life, he doesn’t look like him at all. The fantasy only lasted long enough to realize it… and that’s not bad.

5. The Haute-Garonne

Given what we eat in the area, you have to find something to spend. Cheaper than a gym membership and normally less painful than a rugby match, the people of Hauts-Garonne favor indoor sport (note, can be practiced in other places) and generously use the tinder app to find partners at their level. The passion for team sport, no doubt!

6. The Pyrenees-Atlantiques

The Fêtes du Sud-Ouest is fun for meeting people, but it’s a bit short for those who live in the area all year round. So logically, we put away our red scarf and our plastic cup filled with cheap sangria, to wander on the Tinder app, in search of a shot of love. The kind of pleasure that has the advantage of not giving you a headache the next day.

7. Haute-Marne

Small department, but big need for love. With 3.64% of its population indexing on Tinder, Hot-Marne hides its libidinous aspirations well behind airs of Sainte-Nitouche. Inevitably, it is celebrated and if possible with Champagne, the mineral water of the region.

8. The Doubs

The Doubs is no longer just the department where people eat the most unsalted butter in France (95% of the inhabitants are allergic to salted butter), it is also one of the 10 where people flirt the most on Tinder ( 3.55% of its population)! We leave it up to you to find a link between these two pieces of information.

9. Indre-et-Loire

Capital of the bad bawdy joke and its classic “How many kilometers from Tours do you live? “, the Indre-et-Loire fully assumes its lustful inclinations and ranks 8th tied with the Doubs, departments that use the most Tinder. Good game !

10. The Alpes-Maritimes

Life is not only sweeter in the sun, it also seems more conducive to bodily exchanges. Not only are 3 of the 10 most popular beaches in France located in the Alpes-Maritimes (in Antibes, Cannes and Nice), but 3.38% of its inhabitants regularly use the Tinder app. And that warms our little hearts.

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