Top 10 Characters You Should Stop Imitating That Makes Everyone Uncomfortable

We’re not sure why, but humans find impersonations very funny. Whether it’s quotes from politicians or lines from favorite French films, we are entitled to many, many imitations and it hasn’t been funny for 20 years now. We’re going to clear things up once and for all by listing the characters that we definitely have to stop imitating.

1. Gollum

Even people who have never seen The Lord of the Rings know Gollum’s voice and his unbearable “my precious” line because of all the people who imitate him as soon as they get their lighter or the number of their crush. We must definitely stop this imitation, it sucks and not even well done.

2. The Godfather

Because of Italian mafia movies like The Godfather, it has become super accepted to do a disgusting Italian accent as soon as you feel like talking like a mobster. To do what ? We don’t really know.

3. Jacquouille the Rogue

“Okkayyyyyyyy” Do you hear it too? It’s normal. It’s not really because of Visitors that we have this line in mind easily but because of all the suckers who have repeated it excessively for 30 years.

4. Stitch

How cute is Stitch with his big eyes and his little voice! It was fun when you imitated your favorite phrases at 8 and a half years old, but when an adult tries to do it, it’s immediately much more embarrassing.

5. Homer Simpson

What could be more infernal than an adult who imitates Homer Simpson for no reason? We’ve been hearing his “D’oh”, “Ouh pinaise” and “Mhhh donut” since we were kids and it would be really nice if it stopped. Pity.

6. Cartman

People who think they imitate Cartman to perfection are generally completely off the mark and do not realize the discomfort it causes in their loved ones. How would you react to that?

7. Dark Vader

“You killed my father! » « No, I am your father » « Aaaaaaaah »

Well, the film was released more than 40 years ago and we all know the key line by heart so there’s no point in continuing. Besides, it always sucks when someone tries to reproduce Darth Vader’s asthmatic voice.

8. Le “Brian is in the kitchen” de Gad Elmaleh

After many years of hearing annoying repetitions from Gad Elmaleh, the phrase “Brian is in the kitchen” is definitely dead and buried. We could be sad except that not at all, we couldn’t take it anymore and we forbid you to take it out.

9. The Unknown Characters

The Unknown sketches are very funny, no one says otherwise. Do you know why it’s funny? Because they are the ones who played them. And that was 30 years ago. So now, we stop trying to amuse the gallery by copying comedians please.

10. Palmashow Characters

“Where is she Jeaaaaaanne? »

Ten years later, this sentence still haunts me. Why this sentence in particular will you tell me? Because Jeanne is my first name; so i heard this sentence every day in class for two years and as soon as i hear it again, it’s like a flashback of war.

If you really want to imitate a character, we allow you to do Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny once in a while. But that’s all.

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