Top 10 bestselling stuff on the dark web, want a passport?

If for ordinary mortals the dark web represents a dark and evil place (which it can totally be in places) it is above all generally misunderstood and mysterious. However, this “internet in our internet” is used every day by thousands, even millions of people. Unsurprisingly, it is used, among other things, to sell more or less legal stuff (usually illegal, let’s face it) and surprisingly enough, it’s not necessarily the stuff you think is bought the most. A recent chart carried out by an analysis company showed which were the most expensive and most sold products purchased and we will show you some of them.

1. Stolen bank details: $120

No it’s not the weapons, the services of a hit man or the Nintendo game cartridge ET, it is indeed private banking data recovered via attacked databases which are the most sold on the dark web. It’s not particularly reassuring but know that on average $120 is enough to have the bank identifiers of an account on which there is more than $5000 and $80 dollars for an account with at least $1000 in provision. The first offer is clearly more interesting.

2. Malware of all kinds: $5,500

Sold in batches of 1000 installations, malware (or viruses if you prefer) that can block a site, trap Internet users or do any other type of craziness at leisure is in great demand on the dark web. Those of the best quality are sold at $5500 but you can find cheaper ones which are however geolocated and only work for example in Europe or North America for around $1800. We will never tell you enough to protect yourself well on the web, there are plenty of things that we believe are secure on the internet when not at all.

3. Driver’s license: $160

Again, the price varies depending on the country, but if you’re too lazy to pass the driver’s license you can get one for $160 completely illegally, which could earn you a nice prison sentence. No kidding, don’t do that and go to one of the departments where it’s easier to pass the license.

4. Fake passports: $3800

The sale of “physical” documents also exists and works very well on the dark web. In first place in this category are fake passports, the prices of which vary quite logically depending on the country requested, but most European passports are sold at $3,800 if you ever want to have one from Lithuania, for example. Considering the price, you really have to know what you’re going to give a fuck about though.

5. Hacked social media data: $45

Personal information is probably the most sold thing on the dark web, and to access a Facebook account that is not yours would cost an average of $45, access to a Google account costs a little more and is around the 65$ but it will give you the opportunity to sort out emails from someone you don’t know, a nice service to give to others.

6. Premium accounts for sites of all kinds

Obviously premium Netflix subscriptions, or the same kind of subscriptions for another streaming platform or porn site at a reduced price, are popular on the dark web. For a year of premium Netflix subscription, for example, you will have to pay $25, which, let’s be honest, is downright cheaper than the normal rates. But it’s once again illegal so stop thinking about it right away and put down your bank card.

7. Unsecured website addresses: $850

Why would anyone want to get poorly protected website addresses? To attack them, block them and demand a ransom. For $850 you can get the address of one of them and a DDOS attack package, denial of service attacks. It consists of overloading the number of connections on a website in record time to make it unusable, exactly like when thousands of people connect to a site at the opening of the pre-sales of a concert for example.

8. Cryptocurrency wallets: $400

When we buy crypto-currencies we keep them in a digital wallet, either on a hard drive or online. But it happens that people not necessarily very focused on web security do the minimum to protect their data. You can basically buy yourself access to a verified account on some platforms and recover someone else’s funds for $400, but don’t make it miserable.

9. Online payment accounts: $800

Do you see the principle of Paypal? Well there are a bunch of other such platforms out there, and you can get stolen account credentials to do illegal stuff and fool some poor person who didn’t ask for it. You really don’t have to have a soul to do that. And $800 in his bank account.

10. Stolen accounts linked to various services: at various prices

Here we come to the more general part of what sells well, various (and stolen) stuff like Uber driver accounts, sports betting site accounts, subscriptions to paid software and a whole bunch of others. lower cost stuff. Oh and you can also (and above all) buy followers for your social networks, that’s very much used since for $4 you can have 1000 more insta followers for example.

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