Top 10 Best Wyncomics Illustrations Funny Person

Hi my little corks, today we’re going on a mop in the breathtaking universe of” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Wyncomicsa person who we highly recommend you follow on Instagram because his illustrations are funny and life is too short not to see funny illustrations.

1. No you can’t

Of course I can stay focused with music.

Two minutes later…

2. We never learn from our mistakes

Long hair is so good I feel so powerful, I’ll never cut it! Or just the tips? Two centimeters what.

“- Just 2cm? – Yeah go ahead – I’m going to cut this far okay? »

Why am I doing this.

3. Useful reading

I forgot my phone…

4. When people talk about your ass

5. L’update

– Can you run the update now?

– Shall we do it tomorrow?

– Yes of course.

– Wow what are you doing, I said tomorrow.

– I know you’re lying.

6. The bad flirt

“He looks too much like you! »

7. Denial

– So how does it feel to be coming of age now that you’re about to turn 18?


8. Do you accept cookies?

9. The little pleasures of life

– Would you like a drink, miss?

– is it free?

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