Top 10 Best Rum Advent Calendars 2022

Can’t wait for Christmas? And you need something to wait until 24 (or 25 if you like?). This something could be an advent calendar for example, just to have a small gift every day for 24 days. Except that chocolate is enough, we’re going to pimp it all up a bit with a rum advent calendar, here you are in the big leagues. Whether you like arranged, agricultural, amber, Caribbean rum and many others, you are bound to find the calendar that suits rum lovers in this delicious Top.

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Prix : from 79.9 at Boutique Rum

The calendar that will take you on a journey through the world of rum in 24 miniatures to help you discover even more flavors.

Prix : from 119 at Boutique Rum

You will discover 15 different countries through the 24 miniatures of the calendar, accompanied by their information booklet to become unbeatable.

Prix : from 85 at Boutique Rhum

In this advent calendar you can discover a selection of 24 different rums accompanied by 2 glasses and 2 notebooks.

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Prix : from 88.99 at Boutique Rum

This is the calendar that promises you taste experiences in 24 miniatures. From Denmark to the West Indies, he promises to take you on a journey (from your living room only, but that’s already it).

Prix : from 175.05 at Boutique Rum

This is the top-of-the-range version of the Vita Dulcis Advent calendar since it is a selection of prestigious rums.

Prix : from 109.9 at The Connoisseurs Club

The calendar offers you a careful selection of 24 rums from around the world: agricultural, white and old rums, amber rum, aged with the Solera method, traditional rums and finish cask, each accompanied by their explanatory sheet.

Prix : from 119.2 at La Route des Rhums

Here is a calendar for lovers of agricultural rum straight from Martinique and Guadeloupe. In this calendar, you will discover exclusives from certain distilleries, vintage rums that have disappeared from sale or previews just for you!

Prix : from 139 at Arranged House

The calendar contains 24 vials of arranged rum of 10cl. You can choose the 12 or 24 bottle format for the greediest

Prix : from 119.9 at La Vignery

The box contains 24 miniatures of rum from the Caribbean, Guatemala or Martinique, and others to make you always travel more.

Prix : from 114.9 at Klac

Inside, 24 miniatures of 2cl of rum to discover. The calendar is made up of white and old rums, from 15 different destinations. Please note that quantities are very limited.

Not too difficult to choose?

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