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Top 10 benefits of working in August, the best month of the year

Are you sad and crying because everyone is going on vacation in August except you? You find yourself working alone while your friends have their feet in the chlorinated water of the swimming pool of the too cool gite located in Ardèche, the bastards, they knew very well that you couldn’t come but they booked anyway? No problem, here are some advantages to working in August, advantages that create jealousy a fortiori.

PS: be careful, we are talking about a certain kind of job, the kind to work your ass on an oklm chair. It goes without saying that for all the other categories of work, it is not necessarily a month with added value.

1. There is no one in the office

And that’s endless fun. It’s quiet, it doesn’t smell of ibex, the toilets are clean, your ugly colleagues are absent, and you have all the space you want to put your feet on the chairs. Happiness.

2. Often there is less work than in other months

Unless you are working for an event that takes place in August or September, the month of August remains relatively quiet. The customers are on vacation, the suppliers too, result you have nothing to do and you are paid a maximum.

3. You can telecommute more easily

As it’s empty everywhere, the remaining managers are more lax and accept that you telework one or two more days. One week ? Why not. Here you are now in your parents’ garden doing meetings on zoom. Clever.

4. You can finally meet your colleagues you know less

There are 100 of you in the club, so of course you never talk to the accounting guys. The month of August is an opportunity to engage in discussion and discover accounts 604 and 758. At the start of the school year you will be friends with everyone.

5. You can have lunch on the terrace

Wait, but the offices are empty, the bosses are on vacation, there’s less work, so the meal breaks are longer and no one to dictate your life. And the weather is nice so it goes straight to the terrace with the menu of the day + coffee. You will tan as much as vacationers.

6. The city is yours

Everyone’s gone, the world is yours. You can drive on the sidewalks, stay in the boss’s place, run through red lights, sit where you want in the metro, and even do Ys on a scooter, you know.

7. You can sleep longer in the morning.

Nobody in town, suddenly no traffic jams, suddenly you circulate better, suddenly you leave your house a little later, suddenly you sleep longer, suddenly life is more pleasant.

8. You can go home earlier in the evening

Nobody in town, nobody at the office, suddenly nobody to police you, suddenly nobody to slow you down, suddenly you go home earlier, suddenly life is more pleasant.

9. As you have time you can put yourself on small projects

For example, tidying up and classifying all the shit that you’ve been leaving aside for far too long. Who is going to start the new school year with a clean computer? It’s bibi.

10. You can dress how you want

By this I mean that you can test new clothing styles, and come in shorts and flip-flops all month long. Who will judge you? Dimitri from accounting? Charline from the brand? Dimitri (another, less nice) from the social? No one can, you are unstoppable.

Send this top to everyone who works in August to cheer them up and send this top to everyone who doesn’t work in August to make them jealous. Send this top to everyone actually.

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